18 October 2018

BORAS Blowout 2018/19: Left Field

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And after a little respite, here we go with the next batch.  The BORAS model projections for left field:
Years Total (MM)
Gregor Blanco Invite
Michael Brantley 4 55.2
Melky Cabrera 1 7.7
Rajai Davis Invite
Daniel Descalso 2 18.8
Brett Gardner 2 24.4
Craig Gentry 1 7.6
Carlos Gonzalez 2 14.5
Marwin Gonzalez 1 11
Brandon Guyer 1 7.3
Jon Jay 1 8
Cameron Maybin 1 9
Gerardo Parra 1 5
This group includes a number of players who have been addressed before.  I think the main miss here, as it has all along, is Marwin Gonzalez.  He is so flexible and useful that I imagine he finds himself a larger deal.  He is a poor man's Ben Zobrist or a rich man's Steve Pearce.

As always, once the model sinks below the 10 MM mark, things can get weird.  No, Gentry will not find himself a 1/7.6 MM deal.


Rob said...

Brantley seems generous given recent injuries.

Jon Shepherd said...

Maybe. He did log in 631 PA this year.

Pip said...

I Must have missed it earlier but what does “invite” reference?