03 July 2008

Upgrading Camden Depot

UPDATE (7/15): We've moved! Please update your bookmarks:


Hope to see you there soon!

01 July 2008

Updated Postseason Odds

Well, every projection system was a little bearish with the exception of the Pythagorean method. PECOTA odds for reaching the playoffs have decreased from 1:79 to 1:182 over the past week. ELO has decreased from 1:18 to 1:29. I also reckon that the wisdom of the crowds has also taken a downturn as Sherrill is providing another round of evidence that when you elicit a 25% groundball rate . . . you get hit. Sometimes, you get hit hard. He is a lot like Chris Ray in many ways, but that is something to rabbit on about at a later date. The link will take you to the updated season projection graph.