12 May 2015

The Camden Highball (Episode 10): "That's Not Good"

This week's episode of the Camden Highball clocks in at nearly 45 minutes (don't worry, Pat and Nate both got paid overtime).  In this installment of the podcast, we talk with Camden Depot and Beyond the Box Score's Ryan Romano about Bud Norris' 2015 season (hint, see the episode title) and we get his interesting thought on Chris Tillman, and why he may be potentially having trouble missing the strike zone.  We also discuss some thoughts on Steve Pearce as a super utility player and Jimmy Paredes (or as some have called him, the modern day Babe Ruth).  Plus some quick hits on Ryan Lavarnway and Kevin Gausman.

This week also marks the first time since the podcast has been rebooted that we will begin the show featuring a song from a local artist.  This week's artist is Brad Engler.  You can find his music on his website, Spotify, or purchase his 3-song EP, "From the Trees" on iTunes (search: "Brad Engler").  He also writes about baseball on the excellent Phillies blog, Crashburn Alley.

Camden Highball (Episode 10): "That's Not Good"

0:00 - Brad Engler - "Lean Into Me"
4:09 - Pat resists talking about the Washington Capitals
6:32 - Steve Pearce: Super Utility Player?
14:27 - Jimmy Paredes is a hitting machine
21:09 - Ryan Lavarnway instead of Steve Clevenger?
23:45 - Kevin Gausman to AAA
25:54 - Ryan Romano joins the show
27:25 - Ryan talks about Bud Norris' "interesting" start
33:16 - Ryan's thoughts on Chris Tillman
38:11 - Ryan gets positive with Jimmy Paredes and Steve Pearce

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