05 May 2015

The Camden Highball (Episode 9): Greetings From Norfolk!

The Camden Highball is back after taking a brief hiatus last week.  On this week's episode, Pat and Nate answer a couple of your questions from Twitter and talk about the (slightly) alarming walk rate of the entire Orioles pitching staff.  We also talk to Camden Depot's Joe Reisel about the things he's seen in Norfolk during the first month of the minor league season, and he tells us who he thinks is the most impressive Orioles player he's ever seen play at Harbor Park.  His answer may surprise you.

Camden Highball (Episode 9): Greetings from Norfolk!

0:16 - Making an excuse for no podcast last week
1:24 - Orioles pitchers are walking everyone
6:07 - Adam Jones is REALLY good at baseball
11:47 - Concerned about Manny's defense?
12:33 - Our weekly Steve Pearce, Alejandro De Aza, and Ryan Webb segment
13:08 - Matt Wieters, Caleb Joseph, and 2016
15:36 - Nate's cat is hungry
15:57 - Camden Depot's Joe Reisel joins the podcast
18:30 - The effects of Harbor Park
20:50 - Joe weighs in on some AAA players
28:03 - Most impressive player Joe has seen play at Norfolk


Philip said...

Hey guys, how about a segment on why Lavarnway is playing instead of Clevenger, who does everything better.
Even for a once a week guy, Lavarnway sure seems awful.

Pat Holden said...

Will try to remember to talk about this week. Thanks!