01 June 2011

Cup of jO's: New morning format (complete with awful, gimmicky name)

Partly because this year has been less than thrilling on a game-by-game basis, partly because neither Jon nor I am particularly fond of "recapping" game action (that's why we provide the AP recap, box score and play-by-play) and partly because it's our blog and we want to bloviate from time to time, the morning recap/links are changing slightly in format. We will still be providing the typical links, game balls (Orioles and all MiL affiliates) and some links to notable reads for the day. The body of the morning posts, however, will have more of an op-ed feel, touching on the daily state of the Birds.

In all likelihood, this means the inspiration will be coming from the previous evening's game, unless there is a particularly interesting occurrence involving Baltimore (e.g. updated organization or prospect rankings from national analysts, promotions of prospects, MLB-wide events like the draft or All-Star Game, etc.). We'll start with this tomorrow morning, and will include some extra links to get everyone caught-up on the early week writings. If you haven't had a chance to catch the games, Baltimore is no 0-5 on their West Coast trip.

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