27 June 2011

Dempsey's Army Presents: Last Week in Chats (June 20-26)

Monday afternoons Heath from Dempsey's Army will recount all things Baltimore Orioles from the previous week's chats. It is a convenient way to learn what national writers think about specific issues that relate to the Orioles.
Where we distill all the week's baseball chats down to their Oriole essence...

Jerry Crasnik, ESPN

Charlie milwaukee [via mobile]
Where do you see prince fielder playing next season? The teams that need and can pay fielder already have a high profile name at that position.

Jerry Crasnick (1:06 PM)
Charlie, Yep, with Boston, the Yankees and others already spoken for at first base, that puts a bit of a crimp in Prince's market. At the moment, you hear the Cubs and O's floating around as potential candidates. And as much as you hear that the Brewers are "priced out" on Prince, I wouldn't write them off entirely. Scott Boras needs to keep them in the mix as a potential landing spot.

Derek Carty, Baseball Prospectus

Ralph (Arlington):
Rank em please: Brantly, Markakis, Pagan, Torres

Derek Carty:
I think you've got the order right there. Michael Brantley, Nick Markakis, Angel Pagan, Andres Torres. Brantley and Markakis are close, but I'd probably go Brantley first.

Yatchisin (Santa Barbara):
Do you think Brian Matusz will get right this year? Opens on DL, comes off, pitches mediocre at best, tweaks hammy.... I had high hopes for him, and now am at the point of cutting him for free agent Bud Norris.

Derek Carty:
I wouldn't give up on Matusz, but if you can drop him for Norris, I'd definitely do it.

Dave Cameron, FanGraphs.com

12:57 Comment From Mark
Hi everyone. Dave, what do you think Guthrie's trade value is and would he be an upgrade for the Reds rotation? Also do you think the Marlins would trade Sanchez?

12:57 Dave Cameron:
I don't think he'll be seen as a premium guy, since he's more good command than great stuff. And no, I don't think Anibal goes anywhere.

Keith Law, ESPN

I know this isn't a fantasy specific chat, but I am stuck with Ike Davis and Brian Roberts on my DL. Which player is more likely to return this season and contribute?

Klaw (2:10 PM)
Sounds like Davis might be done for the year.

Peter (Los Angeles)
Another Futures Game Question: Do you think Manny Machado & Jameson Taillon get invites this year or are they too young?

Klaw (2:19 PM)
Figured I'd answer these together. I'd say Perez and Profar or Perez and Martin. And I think both Machado and Taillon should be invited - they belong on ability.

Mike Morse (Washington DC)
*crossing Keith Law off Christmas card list*

Klaw (2:20 PM)
That's OK, Matt Wieters still sends me three every year.

Brian (AZ)
Which players from the draft do you think will get major league contracts?

Klaw (2:27 PM)
Cole, Bauer, Hultzen, Rendon. Maybe Bundy.

Norman (San Jose)
do you think Johnathan Schoop has enough bat for 3B?

Klaw (3:16 PM)

Klaw (3:16 PM)
Yes, and yep.

Matt Klaassen, FanGraphs.com

1:14 Comment From Rick
How do you feel about Adam Jones sustaining this level of production to a potential 25/100/15 season?

1:15 Matt Klaassen:
I was actually looking at Jones earlier. He's always had potential, but his plate approach has been so bad... this season, he's not getting lucky with BABIP or anything, and he's walking a bit more, yet he's still swinging (and missing) at about the same rate. Some guys are able to defy those peripherals. I really have no idea what's up with him. He's a special athlete, I'll give him that.

Jayson Stark, ESPN

Cole (Baltimore)
Do you think the Orioles trade Jeremy Guthrie? What would a team have to give up to get him

Jayson Stark (1:17 PM)
I continue to hear they're not anxious to trade him. And even though it isn't his fault he's 2-9, it isn't helping his value. He's one of those guys whose value to his current team is probably greater than his value on the market, but that could change.

Pete (Maryland)
Jayson - Rank of Prince Fielder's most likely destinations in 2012? Cubs, Orioles, Brewers, Angels, Rangers?

Jayson Stark (1:20 PM)
He should really go to the American League, shouldn't he? Nevertheless, I'd make the Orioles No. 1 and the Cubs No. 2. Very dubious he'd wind up with any of the other teams on your list.

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