06 June 2011

Dempsey's Army Presents: Last Week in Chats (May 30- June 5, 2011)

Where we distill all the week's baseball chats down to their Oriole essence...

Moore, FanGraphs.com

Comment From Walt
Hellickson or Z Britton in dynasty league?

Jack Moore: I prefer Hellickson. I think his process is a bit more repeatable,
as he's shown that he has strikeout stuff prior to this year (and I'd expect his
current 6.4 K/9 to rise soon). Britton is too reliant on control and ground
balls and I don't think we have enough of a sample to say he can keep up his
rates in either BB/9 or GB%

Comment From Dan
Mark Reynolds ranked 11th overall in ISO from 2008 - 2010. Do you see that power
returning this season or are you worried that something is wrong with him and
that power is gone?

Jack Moore: Power is pretty fickle in small samples. I haven't seen him play, so
there very well could be something wrong, but there's nothing in the numbers
that's overly concerning.

Comment From J
Thoughts on Eric Bedard?

Jack Moore: He's looking almost like the Bedard of the past. He might slip a
little and injuries are always a concern, but at the same time I also wouldn't
expect a pitcher in Safeco to keep a 13.2% HR/FB rate, so with that evening out
I don't think a 3.50-3.75 ERA the rest of the year is out of the question.

Callis, Baseball America

Dan (Lansing): Better pure stuff Bundy or Cole and how close are they?

Jim Callis: Better pure stuff is Cole, but Bundy is right on his heels and may
use his better. If I could only have one of them, I would take Bundy. That said,
I'd be thrilled with Cole too.

Nick (Tallahassee, Fl): What are your thoughts on the Oriole's taking Dylan
Bundy. How do you think them drafting Matt Hobgood effects that, if it does at

Jim Callis: Not at all. Hobgood was drafted higher than his talent merited
because he would be a relatively easy sign. Hobgood was a legitimate late
first-round pick, but he's not comparable to Bundy.

Brooks Ripken (Philly): O's at 4? Just whoever is left of

Jim Callis: Wouldn't rule Trevor Bauer out either.

Steve (Huntington Beach, CA): Out of all the good arms towards the top of this
years draft board, which do you think has the highest ceiling?

Jim Callis: Gerrit Cole, followed closely by Dylan Bundy.

JJ Cooper, Baseball

Jon (Michigan): Which would surprise you more, a frequent Hot Sheet contributor
becoming a ML bust or a Hot Sheet no-show becoming a solid ML regular? Is Zach
Britton the latter?

J.J. Cooper: Neither would surprise me. The Hot Sheet isn't the Top 100
Prospects list. This is a look at which prospects are hot right now. And when
you're looking at pitchers, strikeouts are one of the factors that works into
making the Hot Sheet. So a guy who piles up groundballs like Britton but few
strikeouts isn't going to make a lot of Hot Sheet appearances. But yeah, it
wouldn't surprise me at all to see Britton have a long big league career.

Kevin Goldstein, Baseball Prospectus

Greg (Hanover, PA): Kevin, The Orioles will obviously come away with a big name
at #4. But the farm system needs a lot more help than that. Will there be 1st
round talent available when they pick again (#64) if they are willing to spend?

Kevin Goldstein: There are going to be a lot of big talents floating around
after the first, but whether or not they are at 64 is an open question. That
said, I don't think they'll spend big
after Bundy.

Jordan (Chevy Chase): Where would Manny Machado go in this year's draft?

Kevin Goldstein: Before Lindor.

Thom (Cincy): Who would be the one team in the top-half of Round 1, and the team
in the bottom-half, that you feel you have the least sense of how they'll pick?

Kevin Goldstein: First half, either Arizona at 3 or Baltimore at 4. Second half
is tough because of all the variables in front of them, but I have a good feel
(I think) for how some of the high school arms might go off the board.

JH (chicago): Love the Cole vs Hultzen comparison from earlier. How quickly
would you expect each to make their MLB debuts?

Kevin Goldstein: I'd but Hultzen gets their first. By end of 2012 wouldn't
shock. CRAZY polished.

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