20 June 2011

Dempsey's Army Presents: Last Week in Chats (June 12 - June 19, 2011)

Monday afternoons Heath from Dempsey's Army will recount all things Baltimore Orioles from the previous week's chats.  It is a convenient way to learn what national writers think about specific issues that relate to the Orioles.

Where we distill all the week's baseball chats down to their Oriole essence...

Jonah Keri, FanGraphs.com

1:48 Comment From Tim
Favorite sabermetric book, aside from Extra 2% and Baseball Between the  Numbers?

1:48 Jonah Keri:
Weaver On Strategy

Matt Eddy, Baseball America

Kyle (Maine):
Does Andrew Miller still have a chance to be a quality major league starter?

Matthew Eddy:
Given what pitchers like Phil Humber and Jeremy Guthrie have accomplished after being written off, I would say just about anything is possible for Miller if you pair him with the right pitching coach and in the right situation. He's a tough look for lefty batters, so I could see him thriving in a relief role the rest of the way. Miller's three primary pitches have distinct velos and shape to them, and I have to say I'm kind of intrigued.

Jack Moore, FanGraphs.com

11:59 Comment From Joe Braga
Which trade was worse for the Twins - getting rid of Hardy or getting rid of

12:01 Jack Moore: This is a pretty tough one. On the one hand, the Twins  dumped Hardy for almost nothing in order to clear room for Alexi Casilla,  which, I think to anybody not named Bill Smith or Ron Gardenhire, is pretty clearly a silly move. On the other hand, the Twins dumped their only  capable backup catcher for a reliever who costs seven million dollars, which, if you listen to the front office, may have actually forced the Hardy trade.

So it depends, if you think that adding Capps to the payroll forced the Hardy trade (not sure I actually believe that), then the Ramos trade is worse. For this year, the Hardy trade is worse to me because I don't think you envision Mauer missing so much time at such a young age, whereas the Ramos trade was likely to have its impact farther down the road. Long-term, losing Ramos is probably a bigger deal, especially now with Mauer's issues.

12:03 Comment From Brendan
Rank the AL shortstops? Yunel, Hardy, Asdrubel, Lowrie, and Alexei?

12:04 Jack Moore: Actual baseball: Alexei, Hardy, Yunel, Lowrie, Asdrubal, but these guys are all quite good players.

12:04 Comment From Patrick
10-team head to head league, keep Britton or pick-up Daniel Hudson?

12:05 Jack Moore: I would prefer Hudson to Britton, yes. Britton has been overachieving all year (not that I think he's bad, just that he's not quite ready to pitch like he has), and Hudson's been underachieving.

Ben Lindbergh, Baseball Prospectus

fgbaloh (allentown):
I don't understand anyone thinking Bundy over Cole. They have similar great stuff but Cole has performed and stayed healthy for 3 more years. Besides that, most reports I read suggest Bundy has little projection. Bunndy has a chance to either get hurt or flame out in the next three years. Without ever seeing either I think Cole hands down. Your thoughts?

Ben Lindbergh:
Like you, I'd basically be echoing someone else's opinion either way. I can't say I have any special insight here.

David Schonfield, ESPN

Josh (NJ)
David, I think one thing the current MLB has going for it is the rivalries within the divisions. I feel that some of that would be lost with the proposed restructuring plan. That could have a big time negative impact ($$$) especially for teams who sell more tickets in during this rival series throughout the year. Your thoughts?

David Schoenfield (2:28 PM)
I don't know if I agree with that. The Orioles may draw more for the Yankees or Red Sox -- but everybody draws more for the Yankees or Red Sox. I don't think the Orioles are packing it in for Tampa Bay or Toronto. There are few good rivalries, but for the most fans want to see a winning team and don't care much about the opponent.

Matt Klaasen, FanGraphs.com

12:42 Comment From Jack
Magglio or Vlad to the M´s anytime soon? Jack Cust is terrible

12:43 Matt Klaassen: Not sure why the Ms need an older, just as terrible DH who is an even worse fit for their park.

1:34 Comment From Ben
Seems like the world has forgot the *ultra* hype machine Matt Wieters. He's actually having a very good year for a catcher and he's still pretty young. You see continued improvement?

1:35 Matt Klaassen: Yes I do. He won't ever be "Mauer with Piazza's power" or whatever people thought he would be, but he's got a decent bat and approach, some athletic upside, and combined with good defensive skills, that's still a potential star.

Keith Law, ESPN

Steve (Baltimore MD)
Any chance you'll get to travel to DR for games? Also, Jonathan Schoop ... top 25 next year?

Klaw (1:09 PM)
Not planning on it. I feel better about saying top 50 on him than top 25.

Luke (Baltimore)
Brian Matusz -- concerned?

Klaw (1:38 PM)
Sure, although as I said last week it's likely he's not 100% recovered from the injury.

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