12 June 2018

Looking For A New Baltimore Orioles Podcast?

Hello, fellow watcher of bad Baltimore Orioles baseball. There is no way you could have stumbled upon this blog post without being a little bit loopy, right? This team is tough to watch every night, and yet you came here to endure even more. Impressive. You are among friends, and we have a special treat in store for your dedication.

My name is Tyler Young. If you are a frequent visitor to Camden Chat, you may be familiar with some of my "work". I'm a staff writer at CC, and have been since 2014. This year, because I'm a crazy person, I decided to take on a new challenge: a podcast. 

Starting back on the eve of Opening Day, I launched a weekly Orioles podcast with two of my buddies, Jesse and Marcus, called The Warehouse. In general, it is an hour-long radio show where the three of us discuss the latest news in Birdland and try to have a little fun while doing so. Please note: we are marked "explicit" on iTunes but this is not a raunchy experience. We said the "s-word" one time! I SWEAR! I mean, I don't swear. You know what I mean. We are family-friendly!

Last week, the Depot got in touch to ask if we would be interested in posting the podcast here every Tuesday morning and using the website as a portal for regular Depot readers to access our show. I have been a huge fan of the site for years and jumped at the chance. It truly is an honor to be brought into the community as a regular contributor.

Each week, the show will be embedded here, but don't forget to subscribe wherever it is that you get your podcasts, including iTunes/Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcherPodbean and TuneIn. Or you can watch the podcast on YouTube! You can also follow the podcast on TwitterFacebook and Instagram or send the show an email: TheWarehousePod@gmail.com.

On this week's episode, Jesse and I talk about Chris Davis' continued demise, #HugWatch2K18, the O's draft, Luke Heimlich, the rise of Ryan McKenna and Jesse's inability to use technology.

Thanks for the support!

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