19 June 2018

The Orioles Have Won Three Games in June, so Things Are Looking Up!

The Orioles won a game this week. Just one. It's tough out there, Birdland. Richard Bleier is out for the season with a lat tear. Andrew Cashner is in the infirmary. Chris Davis has been barred from the field by security. Chance Sisco has been bused out of town. As poor of a season as this has been, there always seem to be ways to make it worse.

The dysfunction around Camden Yards is reaching epic proportions. People (Ned Colletti) are being interviewed for positions in the front office, but the supposed head of the front office (Dan Duquette) says it isn't true. Why on earth would fans be concerned that this crew cannot adequately navigate a full-scale rebuild of the franchise? The mind wonders.

At least there's always Manny Mach-- oh god. I told myself I wouldn't cry over baseball. No, not again!

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Unknown said...

Yes..they've won 3 in June, thanks to a weak schedule against hapless teams like the Mets and Marlins. Oh...but what about Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom? They're world class Mets pitchers! The Orioles faced neither. Oh!