04 June 2018

Orioles Draft Targets 2:11 (52)

This is the final post of the day and will cover the Orioles final selection of the first night of the draft.  Based on the MLB pipeline rankings, two players may be around who I have already discussed.  Griffin Conine has a 50 ranking on him whereas I think he is a fringe top 10 prospect based on the CRAP model I release today.  Second, Nico Hoerner is noted as a 52 ranking where I see him, based on the CRAP, as more of a late 20s value.  In addition to those guys, I have a few more to target for this second round selection.

Joe Gray, Jr., OF
Hattiesburg HS
Gray has some loud tools, but seems to have trouble showing them at times.  He does not control the strike zone well even though he has a very quick bat and amazing batting practice power.  Gray winds up having trouble translating it all to the playing field.  He also has a rocket for an arm, but he has trouble staying within himself and repeating his throwing mechanics.  This means the ball often misses the target.  That said, he has an excellent package of tools that could play well as a fringe centerfielder like Adam Jones or getting pushed into right field.

Mike Siani CF/LHP
William Penn Charter (HS)
Siani is a defensive wunderkind, which is a rare find.  He shows plus speed and a plus arm with good power and not so good contact.  There is certainly potential for more there and a question as to whether a club can re-design his swing to make more use of his talents.  If the hitting fails, there is some merit for trying him out as a southpaw reliever.

Tanner Dodson OF/RHP
CRAP: 45 (as a corner OF)
Dodson is, I think, a wild card here.  Everyone seems to be evaluating him on his ability to be an excellent late inning reliever.  He shows a high 90s fastball and a decent slider, which has made him a very effective closer.  However, his 320/384/386 batting line obscures his work on the Cape with a 365/461/500 line.  That line is impressive enough to raise his position prospect potential to a 45, according to our CRAP model.  He sure seems like a very interesting chip to me.  Other collegiate hitters are showing up as 35/40s, so Dodson sure is an outlier.

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Jon Shepherd said...

Ha. Of course, I would forget the Orioles lost this pick for Cobb.