06 June 2013

Waiting for the draft...

Here are some items for the draft regarding the Orioles.


Jim Callis: Chris Anderson, RHP
Patrick Ebert: Nick Ciuffo, C
Keith Law: Premium...just pay the man and find out.
Jonathan Mayo: Chris Anderson, RHP
Kiley McDaniel: Eric Jagielo, 3B

First off, the predominant projection is Chris Anderson.  In a nutshell, not a very inspired selection.  He does not have much projection, has shaky secondary options, and is often handed the ceiling of backend innings eater.

Nick Ciuffo is the Goldilocks catcher of the first round.  He profiles as average with the bat and average with the glove.

The Eric Jagielo pick is made by the guy who worked in the previous Orioles' front office.  Whether or not this selection was informed by his connections there...I don't know.  Jagielo is a college bat with power and a decent likelihood to remain at third.  I wrote about him here.

If you are following along tonight, feel free to pepper me with questions on this post.  Any major analysis of the Orioles will be handled over at Baltimore Sports and Life.  I will provide links if such things are written.

Update (Shadow Draft):
1 - Phillip Ervin, CF
1s - Devin Williams, RHP
2 - Bobby Wahl, RHP
3 - Jake Brentz, LHP
3s - Conrad Gregor - 1B
4 - Cory Thompson, SS
5 - Brian Naverreto, C
6 - James Ramsay, OF
7 - Drew Dosch, 3B
8 - Billy Waltrip, LHP
9 - JT Riddle, 2B
10 - Spencer Navin, C


Jon Shepherd said...

Also keep in mind that some discussion is taking place over here:

Matt Kremnitzer said...

You may have written it elsewhere, but do you have a top player (or two) you'd like for them to target with the pick?

Jon Shepherd said...

Phillip Ervin is the pick I want to see. He is a bit on the smallish side, but he shows great plate skills. I think he will be a fast mover in the system with a ceiling of a first division CF or second division RF.

I wrote him up over at BSL.

What I fear is a safe college starting pitcher like Chris Anderson. I have a hard time believing he will be an impact arm.

I think the hope is that someone like Dominic Smith will drop down. He is probably the second best pure hitter in the draft for me. Moran being the best.

Jon Shepherd said...

Jared King is a name to look at in the second round if they are looking for an OF.

Unknown said...

I think the Astros chose the right pitcher in Appel over Gray. Appel has the longer track record; I don't trust players who come out of nowhere.

Jon Shepherd said...

However, track record is not always a good thing.

Did not help with Matt LaPorta.

Matt Kremnitzer said...

How's listening to Harold Reynolds? I can't imagine him having any worthwhile insight on any of these players.

Jon Shepherd said...

Harold is acting like he this is his first year and every year past has been forgotten.

Nate said...

Harold thinks everyone will stick at their current position. Based on what's happened so far, could be some interesting names available at 22

Anonymous said...

andddd hunter harvey it is.