06 June 2013

2013 Draft Coverage at the Depot

This year has been a pretty light year for the Depot on discussion of the 2013 Draft.  Nick Faleris became a major force with Baseball Prospectus.  Nick has put up videos of a lot of the prospects here at BP Unfiltered (no subscription required).  However, a subscription gets you access to a lot more interesting material here.  Trust me, it is worth it.

Me, on the other hand, my Orioles writing is now over at Baltimore Sports and Life.  I have written one piece over there about first round college bats.  I will also be providing some analysis of the actual Oriole selections.  I was hoping to get out some pieces on the statistical metrics that I sometimes use to inform me of elite college hitters, but like a lot of things...it simply did not get done.  Who knew getting a promotion, buying a house, and getting ready for a first child would be such a heavy time commitment?

Here, I will be continuing the grand tradition of our shadow draft.  The exercise where we draft in real time along with the Orioles and make our own selection as we see fit and within the constraints of budget.

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