10 October 2012

ALDS Game Three: Orioles 2, Yankees 3

It all comes down to three games in New York, where the Orioles went 6-3 this year. That bring should bring some confidence, but it's still the Yankees at home in the play-offs. A Hiroki Kuroda vs. Miguel Gonalez match-up could go pretty much any which way, but Gonzalez's season high in strike-outs of 9 came in New York against the Yankees. And his second highest was 8 in... New York, against the Yankees. So there is that.

The Good:

  • Miguel Gonzalez continued his almost inexplicable domination of the Yankees; 7 IP, 5 H, 1 R, 0 BB, 8 K. Just a fanastic start, hitting his spots and throwing the fastball by people. This is the same guy who had a 6.17 ERA in Double-A last year. Amazing.
  • Darren O'Day pitched. Given his recent performance, I don't really need to elaborate. But I will, because the strike-out he go in his perfect inning was of Derek Jeter.
  • Nate McLouth had two hits and stole a couple bases. Well, he stole one base after being "caught" the previous time, when he got in to second safely but was "helped" over-sliding the bag by Derek Jeter's tag (and, perhaps, foot).
  • The one person to bet on Ryan Flaherty being the first Oriole to hit a home run this post-season - maybe is mother? - can collect their infinity dollars. Ryan Flaherty!
  • Slightly less surprising but still really awesome was Manny Machado going deep as well (and his wasn't one of those cheap Yankee Stadium homers like Flaherty's was). 20 years old, hitting a home run against the Yankees in New York in the play-offs. Just a tiny bit more impressive that what I was doing at 20. 
All of the above was written before the 9th inning. Notice the happy tone! Didn't feel right to erase it, as those good things did happen. But oh boy are they going to be forgotten quickly.

The Bad:
  • Adam Jones did pick up a hit - a grounder through the infield - but still looked bad at the plate (pressing?). He also "allowed" New York's first run when he took a poor route on a flyball over his head in center-field that turned into a two-out RBI triple.
  • JJ Hardy, Matt Wieters, Jim Thome, and Mark Reynolds went a combined 0-19. Hard to score if almost no one hits, and can't win if you don't score.
  • Raul Ibanez. Homers off Jim Johnson to tie the game in the 9th (pinch-hitting for A-Rod), and then homers off of Brian Matusz to win the game in the 12th. Raul Ibanez is going to be remembered by O's fans just like Jeffrey Maier, I suspect. Probably worth writing more on this but... can't.
The Final:

No words. Just horrible, horrible feelings...

The O's can still win this series, but their chances have shrunk dramatically. Given that they took a lead into the 9th, they absolutely had to win this game.


sabo213835 said...

at what point to we give up on Johnson... a loss, a save, and a blown save in 3 appearances isn't what we need from this guy. I just assume let O'Day pitch 2 innings, he's been pretty impressive

Anonymous said...

Dan in Baltimore said...

You can't give up on a guy that was clutch throughout the season. 51 saves is a great accomplishment. People go through slumps throughout the season. At this point, I'd be more inclined to give up on Adam Jones if I was of your mindset. Bottom line is the Yankees are a veteran team with a ton of playoff experience. If the Orioles lose tonight I will be bummed out. However they will now have some playoff experience under their belt for next season. Go Birds!!!