05 October 2012

The Camden Highball: From Yellowstone with Hope and Fear

On the podcast today, we are in the midst of playoff fever.  I (Jon Shepherd) am joined by Nick Faleris from Baseball Prospectus.  We discuss a good deal about the wild card match up between the Orioles and Rangers.  We have worries and concerns, but it is unmistakable to be in a position to run the table in October is a great place for Baltimore to be.  Camden Depot is also proud to reintroduce the book club and we are eager to present Weaver on Strategy as our first selection.  We will post more in depth on the Book Club later.  You have two weeks to acquire the book and read the first third of it.  The recording was made Thursday night (October 4, 2012).

Episode 2 of the Camden Highball

00:00:00 Music - Indiana by ABADABAD (in full at end of podcast)
00:00:20 Greetings from Yellowstone (or a bit North)
00:01:57 A One Game Playoff with Rangers is What the O's Want
00:05:00 Saunders is an Odd Choice
00:08:24 Fear of Darvish
00:10:10 Constant Concern and Good Fortune
00:17:45 A Bullpen is Hard
00:21:55 Camden Depot Book Club: Weaver on Strategy

We are available on iTunes.  It stands to be quite an exciting series of games between now and then.  If you have any question you would like to pose to us, feel free to mail them via CamdenDepot@gmail.com or via the Camden Depot Facebook page.

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