10 October 2012

The Camden Highball (Episode 3): The Fan Never Dies

On the podcast today, we are recording on the Orioles/Yankees ALDS travel day.  I (Jon Shepherd) am joined by Nick Faleris from Baseball Prospectus.  We discuss a good deal about the series so far.  I discuss how attending Game 2 of the ALDS had an effect on my fandom, including the feeling to argue balls and strikes when you are 400 yards from the plate.  The Janitor, Jim Johnson, is discussed at length about whether he is elite, postseason performances, and the future.  Jones also gets a bit of a spotlight for his troubles at the plate.  Finally, we preview the upcoming games in New York and how I think everything is in the Orioles' favor at the moment. The recording was made Tuesday night (October 10, 2012).

Episode 3 of the Camden Highball

00:00:00 Music - Watchin' the Orioles by Songs from the Moon (in full at end of podcast - 00:38:30)
00:00:14 Greetings from Jon and Nick
00:01:44 Jon Shepherd's Experience at the Yard for Game 2, the Sadness of the Press Box, and Relating to the Grinch
00:07:15 Nick Commenting on the Dichotomy of Fandom and Analysis
00:12:22 The Janitor - Making Messes and Keeping Order
00:23:39 Constant Concern and Good Fortune
00:27:40 Preview for Games 3 through 5 in the ALDS

We are available on iTunes.  It stands to be quite an exciting series of games between now and then.  If you have any question you would like to pose to us, feel free to mail them via CamdenDepot@gmail.com or via the Camden Depot Facebook page.

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