20 June 2010

Trade Market Options: AL East Edition

This is a continuation of a series exploring options in the trade market for the Orioles. The Orioles most useful available talent (i.e. Millwood, Guthrie, Wigginton, Scott) could probably net a return of one B level prospect and some C level secondary prospect. This series will review the teams arguably in contention and how well they match up with what the Orioles have and what the Orioles would want.

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Orioles' Most Trade Worthy Items:
SP Kevin Millwood, Jeremy Guthrie
INF Ty Wigginton

LF/DH Luke Scott
maybe LOOGY Wil Ohman

Tampa Bay Rays
tied for 1st in AL East
72.2% chance of making playoffs
Needs: DH
Targets: Wigginton, Scott

Match for needs: Strong

Matt Moore, LHP, Grade B+
Alexander Colome, RHP, Grade B
Alexander Torres, LHP, Grade B-
Tim Beckham, SS, Grade B-
Nick Barnese, RHP, Grade B-
Wilkin Rodriguez, RHP, Grade B-

Comments - The Orioles have shown themselves willing to deal within the division and, most recently, to the Rays.  At most, I could see them offering Rodriguez or Torres.  Based on past trades though, I think the Rays would be more willing to deal high level C+ talent and willing to deal that talent in bulk.  As such, that does not make them a great fit for the Orioles in that the Orioles are unlikely to find any solutions to future need with Tampa.

New York Yankees
tied for 1st in AL East
65.1% chance of making playoffs
Needs: Relief
Targets: Wil Ohman
Match for needs: Poor

Comments - There just is not a good match here.  The Yanks are more likely to go after a live arm in the pen or a luxury 5th starter.

Boston Red Sox
-1 game in AL East
54.7% chance of making playoffs
Needs: Maybe a bench bat
Targets: None
Match for needs: None

Comments - I don't see a match here.

Toronto Blue Jays

Comments - I think the Jays are going to fade.  The other three are just too strong.

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