20 April 2015

The Camden Highball (Episode 8): Get to Know Your Orioles Prospects

On this week's episode of the Camden Highball, Pat and Nate talk about Ubaldo's ejection, Pablo Sandoval's techniques for breaking up the double play, and some small sample size issues for the Baltimore offense.  Following that discussion, they talk to Tucker Blair of the Baseball Prospectus prospect team to get his thoughts on the Orioles minor league system, which players he likes more (or less) than the general consensus, what he sees so far this year in Dylan Bundy, and what happens when you don't wear the proper scouting attire to a game.

Camden Highball (Episode 8): Get to Know Your Orioles Prospects

1:30 - Ubaldo's ejection
4:40 - Schoop hits the DL
7:50 - Small Sample Sizing the offense
14:07 - BP's Tucker Blair joins the show
15:22 - Overall state of the Orioles minor league system
16:53 - Thoughts on Dylan Bundy
23:03 - Christian Walker as the 2016 first baseman?
25:48 - Under the radar Orioles prospect
28:42 - Over-hyped Orioles prospect
29:44 - Quick talk on Hunter Harvey

1 comment:

Jon Shepherd said...

Walker was one of the guys I highlighted that draft who I put a 2nd/3rd round grade as a fringe MLB bat.

I think he was selected in the 4th round, I forget.

Any time you can find yourself a bat that can play in the majors even at a bench level is a good thing.