13 April 2015

The Camden Highball (Episode 7): Talkin' AL East in the Year 2015

On today's episode of Camden Highball, Pat and Nate discuss more of last week's Ryan Webb trade and try not to get overly excited about Ubaldo Jimenez's one hit (and more importantly one walk) performance on Saturday.  After that, in light of the Orioles upcoming series against Boston this weekend, we talk with Matthew Kory of Baseball Prospectus and the newly launched BP Boston to get his thoughts on the Red Sox, the Orioles and what to possibly expect from what appears to be a wide open AL East.

Camden Highball (Episode 7): Talkin' AL East in the Year 2015

1:08 - Pat and Nate talk about the Ryan Webb Trade
9:17 - UBALDO!
14:27 - Pat and Nate talk to BP's Matthew Kory about the Red Sox, Orioles, and the AL East


Anonymous said...

The issue with the Webb deal is not about any of the movement of the pieces in that deal. Instead, it is showing that the organization is unwilling to eat 2.75 million for future investment. They very much have a fixed amount to spend and almost all of it is going into this season. I doubt any of them care about this draft or the ones following because they will not be here in 2019.

Pat Holden said...

The pieces are kind of insignificant overall. But the two most significant pieces went the way of LA. And yeah, I agree that the most significant thing here is the O's essentially selling a draft pick.