24 May 2011

Season Summary and Morning Links: May 24, 2011

No game last night.

Orioles Offensive Player of the Year (to date)

Matt Wieters, C
273/342/410; .334 wOBA; 1.3 fWAR

Wieters has come into his own this season with stunning play behind the plate and one of the better batting lines for a catch in either league.  Due to the massive hype following him prior to his rookie season, it will be difficult for him to emerge from his own shadow.  It is laughable that he was mentioned as a bust by some prior to this season.

Runner Up

Adam Jones, CF
289/337/440; .344 w OBA; 1.2 fWAR

Jones began the season in a prolonged slump, but he has exploded in the past month.  He still looks like a left fielder, but his play has looked more solid in center field this season.  It would not be surprising to see Jones pass by Matt Wieters when we reassess this at the All Star break.

Orioles Pitcher of the Year (to date)

Zach Britton, LHP
2.14 ERA; 3.74 xFIP; 55.6 GB%; 5.0 k/9, 2.9 bb/9; 1.0 fWAR

Britton was not supposed to be pitching in Baltimore until well into May or June, but a freak injury to Brian matusz changed that.  Britton has made the most of his opportunity and is challenging for consideration for MLB Rookie of the Year.

Runner Up

Chris Tillman, RHP
4.95 ERA; 4.61 xFIP; 37.7 GB%; 6.2 k/9, 3.5 bb/9; 0.9 fWAR

The numbers surprised me on this one.  I think it is largely of product of luck with only 2.9% of his fly balls leaving the yard.  Typically, that percentage should be around 10%, so that number should regress and Tillman's performances should regress as well.

MiLB game balls

Norfolk (Box) - Josh Bell, 3B (1-4, HR (6))
Bowie (Box) - Xavier Avery, CF (2-3, 2B (9), BB)
Frederick (Box) - Bobby Stevens, 2B (2-4, 2B (2), HR (4))
Delmarva (Box) - Jonathan Schoop, 3B (2-4, 2B (10))

Three Morning Links

Jim Pyburn passed away.  He was one of the first bonus babies signed by the Orioles.  He spent three seasons with the Orioles, but did not succeed.  He wound up being a solid assistant at UGA.

Mike Flacco was named SALLY player of the week.

Daniel Moroz of Camden Crazies tries to figure out what we can expect from the Orioles' most recent call ups.

Up Next

Kansas City comes to town and treats Baltimore to a battle of rookie pitchers.  The Orioles are putting up Zach Britton (55 ERA-, 91 FIP-, 3.74 xFIP) to face off against Danny Duffy(4 IP, 5.69 xFIP).  Be sure to watch this one.

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