30 May 2011

Dempsey's Army Presents: Last Week in Chats (May 23-29, 2011)

Monday afternoons Heath from Dempsey's Army will recount all things Baltimore Orioles from the previous week's chats.  It is a convenient way to learn what national writers think about specific issues that relate to the Orioles.

Where we distill all the week's baseball chats down to their Oriole essence...

Jim Callis, Baseball America

Jeff Sullivan (Belchertown MA):
Manny Machado, Francisco Lindor, and Addison Russell. How do you rank them?

Jim Callis:
That order works for me. Machado has the most offensive upside, Lindor is a better bet to stay at shortstop, and Russell is behind the other two guys.

Jack Moore, FanGraphs.com

12:28 Comment From Lou
Any interest in the Britton v Duffy matchup 2nite?

12:28 Jack Moore:
If I had MLB.TV that's probably the game I'd watch (and if the Brewers weren't
playing -- hooray, Narveson vs. Livan!)

Matt Klaasen, FanGraphs.com

12:14 Comment From B-Roke
Does Cal Ripken deserve to be in the HOF?

12:15 Matt Klaassen:
Ripken annoys me for some reason, but, uh, YES. YES. YES.

12:44 Comment From thebane
jake arietta, future #2? Possibly more??

12:44 Matt Klaassen:
He has that potential.

Keith Law, ESPN

Mike (DC)
Any chance Cole or Rendon slip to #4?

Klaw (4:12 PM)
Much more chance that Cole does than Rendon.

Robbie (SoCal)
Does the Buster Posey Incident possibly affect how the Orioles handle Matt
Wieters? There is a lot of value in elite hitting at the catcher's postion, but
the investment in those few catchers is becoming too big a risk.

Klaw (4:37 PM)
I think it gives some insight on why the Nats and Royals were willing to move
Harper and Myers.

Gene Mullett (Columbus, OH)
Ever read "Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor by Gabriel Garcia Marquez? More
importantly, what your favorite baseball book, for whatever reason (i.e. MLB
insight, well written, feel good story, etc...)?

Klaw (4:55 PM)
Have not. I don't read many baseball books, but the two I recommend most are
Lords of the Realm and Weaver on Strategy.

Jim Shonerd, Baseball America

James (New York City):
With so much attention on his younger brother Dylan, Bobby Bundy's strong 2011
has been largely overlooked by prospect watchers - thanks for putting him on the
hot sheet this week. How does Bobby rank among pitching prospects currently in
the minors? What does his ceiling appear to be?

Jim Shonerd:
Probably another mid-rotation type. He doesn't have any pitches that make your
jaw drop, but he's got a good mix.

Steve (Fairfax):
What's Johnathan Schoop's long term position? Independent of the fact that he
plays in the same system as Machado, can he be a shortstop in the big leagues?

Jim Shonerd:
Schoop isn't expected to be more than an average runner as his body fills out.
He might be able to reach the majors as a shortstop, but look for him to move to
a third base or an outfield corner eventually. He's also made five errors in 19
games playing shortstop in Machado's stead for Delmarva, though we can cut him
some slack for the rust factor.

Jayson Stark, ESPN

Lucas (MD)
If the O's continue to stay competitive in the East, would you trade Vlad, D
Lee, L Scott, and/ or Hardy at the deadline or try to make a run at ending the
strak of losing seasons?

Jayson Stark (1:10 PM)
I normally wouldn't advocate this. But I think it's important to this franchise
to make progress in the standings, and to create a climate where these young
pitchers grow in a competitive environment. So I'd listen on all those guys if I
were Andy MacPhail. But I wouldn't clean house if they were .500 or thereabouts.
Agree or disagree?

Rob (Baltimore)
I love the Orioles and Zach Britton, but I agree with you on Pineda, nasty,
nasty stuff. Makes me think they would be smart to hold onto Felix and him for

Jayson Stark (1:44 PM)
That's what they're thinking, too!

Lucas (MD)
Speaking of catchers, what are your thoughts on Weiters? Great defense, just
needs to bump up the offense.

Jayson Stark (2:00 PM)
Still a work in progress offensively. Probably never going to be the masher he
was sold to be. But really turning into a star defensively.

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