08 May 2011

One Fifth of the Way into the Season, Vlad is Below Replacement

The last time we checked out Vlad's performance was 16 games into the season.  At that point, he had a -0.3 WAR which would have qualified him as one of the worst DHs in history.  Sixteen games later, a fifth of the way into the season, Vlad is still below replacement level at -0.1 WAR.  More and more, it appears that Scott at DH and Pie in left or Reimold at DH and Scott in left would have been the better approach.  However, Vlad is a "proven veteran," so Buck may have little choice other than to keep shoving Vlad in the cleanup spot game after game after game.  Vlad's walk rate is the lowest of his career and is less than half of his career average.  His ISO is the worst of his career.  His HR/Fly is the worst of his career.  Only 32 games in, but he has seen a 22% decrease in fastballs seen.  His swinging percentage is the highest of his career.  This is not a great series of statistics.

At -0.1 WAR, Vlad has passed the 1994 Dave Winfield and is now tied with the 1976 Minnie Minoso.

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robstirn@yahoo.com said...

Vlad, Bell, Reynolds, Hardy, etc.. This is what happens when you have a General Manager who doesn't know what he is doing. All of these players are some other team's rejects. The Orioles have young players in Triple and Double A who can do as good or better for a lot less money.