16 December 2009

Shadow System: Top 20 Prospects (Intro.)

Crawdaddy is out on business, so I'm stepping-in to provide some reading material for this afternoon. As return readers will likely recall, we've run two "shadow" drafts with the Orioles wherein CamdenDepot made selections at each of Baltimore's picks in the past two drafts -- fifteen total (first five in 2008; first ten in 2009). This is a quick reminder as to who we selected -- what follows is our prospect ranking for the Orioles system had these picks been a reality -- or simply, our "2010 Shadow System Top 20"...

Recap of Selections
Year (Round) - Player
2008 (1) - Brian Matusz, LHP, Univ. of San Diego
2008 (2) - Tim Melville, RHP, Holt HS (MO)
2008 (3) - Roger Kieschnick, RF, Texas Tech
2008 (4) - Brandon Crawford, SS, UCLA
2008 (5) - Brian Humphries, OF, Granite Hills HS (CA) (ATTENDING PEPPERDINE)
2009 (1) - Zack Wheeler, RHP, East Paulding HS (GA)
2009 (2) - Todd Glaesmann, OF, Midway HS (TX)
2009 (3) - Chris Dominguez, 3B, Louisville University
2009 (4) - Dustin Dickerson, 1B, Baylor Univ.
2009 (5) - Ian Krol, LHP, Neuqua Valley HS (IL)
2009 (6) - Brody Colvin, RHP, St. Thomas More HS (LA)
2009 (7) - Madison Younginer, RHP, Mauldin HS (SC)
2009 (8) - Kendal Volz, RHP, Baylor Univ.
2009 (9) - Ryan Berry, RHP, Rice University
2009 (10)- Sam Dyson, RHP, Univ. of South Carolina (BACK TO SOU. CAROLINA)

Adding these thirteen players (two did not sign) to the Orioles's system, and removing those Orioles signed between ROunds 1-5 in 2008 and Rounds 1-10 in 2009, here's what we have for the organization's Top 20:

Player, Position (Current Level)
1. Brian Matusz, LHP (ML)
2. Jake Arrieta, RHP (AAA)
3. Zack Wheeler, RHP (Rookie)
4. Josh Bell, 3B (AAA)
5. Brandon Erbe, RHP (AA)
6. Zach Britton, LHP (A)
7. Kam Mickolio, RHP (ML)
8. Tim Melville, RHP (A)
9. Brandon Snyder, 1B (AAA)
10. Madison Younginer, RHP/SS, (signed late)
11. Ian Krol, LHP (A-SS)
12. Brody Colvin, RHP (Rookie)
13. Roger Kieschnick, OF (A-Adv.)
14. Todd Glaesmann, OF (Rookie)
15. Ryan Berry, RHP (signed late)
16. Kendal Volz, RHP (signed late)
17. Brandon Crawford, SS (AA)
18. Chris Dominguez, 3B (A-SS)
19. Bobby Bundy, RHP (Rookie)
20. Ronnie Welty, OF (A)

Craw has something in store for a "consensus" Top 20, which he'll have up here in the near future. Once it is up, I'll take a look at the Shadow System Top 20 and compare the two. For now, any thoughts on the above Top 20? Would you be pleased with this system?

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Jon Shepherd said...

I am probably biased . . . trying not to be, but I think the shadow system is much better than what we actually have. Maybe in 4 years, we will have learned otherwise. Right now, I am pretty happy with our exercise.