09 December 2009

Reviewing the 2008 Rule 5 draft

Typically everyone loses in the Rule 5 draft, but at least it does not cost much to play. Darren O'Day won it big for the Rangers even though he was never selected by them. The Padres also did well with selecting Everth Cabrera. He will likely be part of their infield for another five years.

After the jump . . . breaking down last year's Rule 5 draft.

1. Terrell Young RHP Selected by the Washington Nationals
Was returned to Cincinnati without appearing for the Nationals. He kept the ball on the ground and struck out about 7 per 9 as he split the season in HiA and AA. High walk rate and contact rate cause him to be devalued. He is once again available for selection in the Rule 5.
2. Reegie Corona Selected by the Seattle Mariners
Corona was selected as a potential backup infielder with a good eye, adequate contact rate, and potential gap power. He did not make it through camp. Back in the Yanks system, his bat performed very well at AA (287/397/397), but he struggled mightily at AAA. He is now on the 40 man roster.
3. Everth Cabrera Selected by the San Diego Padres
Cabrera spent the entire season (minus rehab appearances) for the Major League ballclub as a utility infielder. He was able to put up a solid line of 255/342/361, which was average to above average. There is talk about using an option on him this year and trying to get more out of his swing. Rockies seemed to have missed out here.
4. Donald Veal LHP Selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates
He struggled with control and mounting injuries. Being on the DL, the Pirates were able to hold onto him. He is protected this season as Pittsburgh tries to figure out the once promising reliever.
5. Lou Palmisano C Selected by the Baltimore Orioles
Palmisano was selected by the Orioles, traded to the Astros, and then released into the independant leagues as the Brewers did not care to have him back. He has good plate discipline, but it does not appear much else. As far as I can tell, he is a free agent.
6. Luis Perdomo RHP Selected by the San Francisco Giants
Perdomo was selected by the Giants and eventually traded to the Padres where he was slightly below average as a relief pitcher. He is protected on the Padres roster.
7. David Patton RHP Selected by the Cincinnati Reds
Selected by the Reds, dealt immediately to the Cubs, where he put up very poor numbers and was often on the disabled list. Lasting the season, he is now in the Cubs organization and on the 40 man roster.
8. Kyle Bloom LHP Selected by the Detroit Tigers
Bloom did not last camp with the Tigers and was returned to the Pirates where he had a lackluster season in AAA. He is once again available for the rule 5 draft.
9. Jose Lugo LHP Selected by the Kansas City Royals
Immediately traded to the Mariners, he did not make it out of camp. He provided uninspired relief primarily in AA in the Twins organization and is once again available in the draft.
10. Benjamin Copeland OF Selected by the Oakland A's
Copeland flashed speed, good defense, and on base skills in the low minors. He struggled with more polished secondary pitches and was offered back to the Giants, where he struggled in AAA. At 26, he is once again available for the taking.
11. James Skelton C Selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks
Skelton's offense fell apart, but the Diamondbacks liked him enough to send Detroit organizational filler in return. He will once again be available in the rule 5.

Flash Round (Players who appeared in MLB last year)
15. Darren O'Day RHP Selected by the New York Mets
After four games placed on waivers. He was picked up by the Rangers and held down the bullpen in the late innings with an ERA under 2. Best pick of last year.

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