08 June 2015

The Camden Highball (Episode 13): The Rosters They Are a-Movin'

I swear there's a good reason for this picture...
you'll have to listen to find out why (photo via Keith Allison)
It's a new week and a new show for the Camden Highball.  This week Pat and Nate talk to Jeff Long of Baseball Prospectus and Baltimore Sports and Life to get his thoughts on Oliver Drake and the unique pitch that he throws.  Jeff also revisits his thoughts on Manny Machado as the 2015 MVP and if Steve Pearce can bounce back from a dismal start to the season.

This week's musical guest is the band jason., performing the song "Rarities".  They have been on indefinite hiatus so long that the only place to find their music is on their myspace page.

Camden Highball (Episode 13): The Rosters They Are a-Movin'

0:00 - jason. - "Rarities"
3:58 - Welcome to Episode 13
5:18 - Roster Moving!
11:10 - Revisiting the Brian Matusz Suspension
14:15 - Jeff Long joins the show
15:22 - Oliver Drake throws a pretty interesting pitch
21:46 - Can Steve Pearce bounce back?
28:20 - Manny Machado as 2015 MVP?
38:20 - Outtakes (pre-planning a Logan Forsythe centric episode)

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