01 June 2015

The Camden Highball (Episode 12): Previewing the 2015 MLB Draft

This week Pat and Nate talk to Camden Depot alum Nick Faleris about the 2015 MLB draft and which players the Orioles may target with their first round pick (they have the 25th pick in the draft). You can follow Nick on twitter at @NickJFaleris

This week's musical guest is Mike Holden (who may or may not be Pat's brother).  The song is called "Take No Victims" off his EP, "Level".  You can find his music on his site, iTunes, and Spotify.  You can also follow him on twitter at @mikeholdenmusic.

Camden Highball (Episode 12): Previewing the 2015 MLB Draft

0:00 - Mike Holden - "Take No Victims"
3:33 - Introducing episode 12
5:17 - Nick Faleris joins the show
6:07 - Overall thoughts on the 2015 draft class
7:30 - Similarities between Brady Aiken/Mike Matuella and Jeff Hoffman?
12:38 - Orioles draft philosophy under Dan Duquette
14:24 - Players Orioles may be targeting with their pick
18:42 - Concern over Orioles pitching player development?
22:36 - Nick's thoughts on Mike Wright and Kevin Gausman
28:17 - Potentially available college and high school bats in the draft
37:26 - Nick's thoughts on the 2015 Orioles

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