06 April 2015

The Camden Highball (Episode 6): The Return of the Camden Highball

The 2015 baseball season officially got underway last night with the St. Louis Cardinals defeating the Chicago Cubs 3-0. Today, the Baltimore Orioles begin their 2015 season on the road against the Tampa Bay Rays. With the new season upon us, we thought we would resurrect the old Camden Depot podcast, Camden Highball. It’s something that we are planning to do on a weekly basis, with (hopefully) plenty of guests throughout the season.

Our first guest this week is current contributor to Baseball Prospectus, and founder of Camden Depot, Jon Shepherd. We discuss some surprises on the Orioles' opening day roster and talk predictions for the upcoming season. This week’s show is available to download, but hopefully future episodes will be available in iTunes.

Camden Highball (Episode 6): The Return of Camden Highball


Matt Kremnitzer said...

Nice work, guys.

Philip said...

Do I have to download the app?

Anonymous said...

No. You can just download the podcast.

Unknown said...

the link should take you to dropbox, where you can download the episode. you should not have to download dropbox.