04 June 2008

Draft Preview -- Final War Room Review

Well, the Draft is finally upon us. Here is a summary of where we stand for the First Annual Camden Depot Shadow Draft for the Orioles, as well as some recommended links to use while you follow the draft. Though most will likely follow on MLB.com, ESPN or various message boards, please feel free to comment below as the day progresses. To the extent there are questions and/or comments, I'll be responding.

Now, onto our War Room.

Camden Depot Shadow War Room

Our Draft Board for 1:4 has changed a bit. Word came out last night that Buster Posey is looking for $12mio. While we believe we should take the best talent available, we can't justify paying twice the price for Posey that we paid for Wieters. Accordingly, he has dropped to sixth on our board. As it currently stands, we rank the players for 1:4 as follows:

1. Pedro Alvarez
2. Tim Beckham
3. Brian Matusz
4. Justin Smoak
5. Aaron Crow
6. Buster Posey
7. Gordon Beckham

Our current projection is that Tampa will be selecting Tim Beckham at 1:1 Pittsburgh will opt for Pedro Alvarez and Kansas City will be choosing between Eric Hosmer and Justin Smoak (Hosmer the likely selection).

After 1:4 has been selected, we will start updating our top 5 for 2:4.

Links for the Draft

Here are some good links to info as you follow the Draft:

- Great discussion regarding the Orioles's draft at the Orioles Hangout Draft Board
- Baseball America's Top 200 Player Chart
- Baseball America's Draft Page (Most Content for Members Only)
- MLB.com Draft Coverage
- MLB-Draft.com gives a run down of their projected first 50 picks and some solid info on the players.

Draft coverage will officially start at 1:30 EST for us. Enjoy the links and please check back in to see who we select at 1:4!


Brooks said...

For some reason the title "war room" gets me really excited. Hopefully I can hear about what the O's do before I talk to a bunch of kids at Chinquapin Middle School about service learning.

Stotle said...

Hi Brooks,

Completely agree. It's an exciting day for Orioles fans, and baseball fans in general. Should be a great afternoon!

blueblood said...

Hmmm, No Hosmer? Stotle, what is your view on Hosmer?

Stotle said...

Hosmer is a great talent and may be the best bat in the draft. Personally, I don't think a HS 1b is a good pick at 1:4, regardless of his projection. On the off chance his bat doesn't pan out you have absolutely no use for him. Further, he is demanding $7mio which is money that could be better spent later in the draft on signability picks.