21 November 2016

Rule 5 Draft Possibilities: A Few Ideas...

Last week, clubs decided who to protect from the Rule 5 draft.  The draft tends to be a mess of players who are either too far away or simply not talented enough.  That said, the Orioles seem to find worthwhile pieces every year.  Nothing all that exceptional, but worthwhile.  Coming into December this year, we can expect the club to still be on the lookout for middle infield, outfield, and bullpen help.  Below are a few interesting names that you might see pop up when the draft happens.

Middle Infield

Calten Daal, 2B/SS
Cincinnati Reds
All Levels (4 Seasons)98741.280.321.317
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Generated 11/21/2016.

Daal is Jonathan Schoop's fellow country man from Curacao.  Beyond being from the same place and knowing each other well, the similarities end there.  Daal is very athletic and has made a name for himself with defense and a decent contact tool.  He has no power to speak of and his arm is a bit fringy for shortstop, so projections have dropped him down to potential utility middle infielder.  He was considered a potential breakout prospect last year due to increased weight training, but head and shoulder injuries limited his time in the field.


Jairo Beras, RF
Texas Rangers
Minors (4 seasons)Minors1288.262.313.432
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Basically, if you want a MLB ready right fielder then do not look in the Rule 5.  Beras has a plus plus arm and is sometimes frightening with his route running.  He has light tower power, but was swallowed whole by advanced pitchers in 2015 due to his long swing and poor pitch recognition.  He might be worth a flyer just to see him first hand in Spring Training, but I am at a loss how he could survive a whole season in the Majors right now.


Daniel Gibson, LHRP
Arizona Diamondbacks
Year Lev ERA IP H9 HR9 BB9 SO9
2015 A+-AA 1.56 52.0 5.9 0.2 3.6 10.0
2015 Fal 0.00 8.0 4.5 0.0 4.5 11.2
2016 AA 0.40 22.2 8.7 0.0 3.2 6.8
2016 AAA 6.86 21.0 10.7 1.7 6.0 7.3
Minors (4 seasons) Minors 2.90 183.0 8.0 0.4 3.9 9.1
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Command has always been the issue with Daniel Gibson.  If he has it, he is a potential late inning reliever.  If not, then he might be a fringe situation specialist.  He has a plus fastball that ramps up to 95 mph and an above average slider.  In AAA, he faced hitters advanced enough to wait him out when he had some wild nights.  For a club like the Orioles who are in need for more southpaw options, he might be worth a look in Spring Training.

Angel Perdomo, LHRP
Toronto Blue Jays
All Levels (5 Seasons)3.01280.
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Yes, the jump from single A ball to the Majors is extreme.  However, Perdomo is a 6'6" lefty who as a starter was able to let it go as high as 95 mph and would be expected to sit at that velocity as a reliever.  His breaking ball developed as a more true above average pitch and he ate up left handed batters last year.  The move would be a stretch for him, but he benefits as being profiled as a left specialist for the Orioles who has the stamina to eat junk innings.  There is a lot of potential to like, but the jump may remind some people of Jason Garcia.

Corey Black, RHRP
Chicago Cubs
Year Lev ERA IP H9 HR9 BB9 SO9
2015 AA 4.92 86.0 7.7 0.7 4.9 10.6
2015 Fal 11.42 8.2 12.5 1.0 7.3 6.2
2016 AA 3.18 22.2 7.1 0.0 6.0 9.9
2016 AAA 5.04 30.1 8.9 0.3 6.2 11.0
Minors (5 seasons) Minors 3.93 423.2 7.8 0.6 4.8 9.5
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Generated 11/21/2016.

Black is Rick Vaughn.  He can dial it up to 100 mph with a plus plus fastball, but who knows where it will go.  He carries a starter's repertoire, but command hurts those average offerings even more.  If the Orioles somehow think they know a mechanical fix that the Cubs, who have made a name for fixing former Orioles, missed, then he could be a solid pickup.

Miguel Diaz, RHRP
Milwaukee Brewers
Year Lev ERA IP H9 HR9 BB9 SO9
2015 Rk 2.21 20.1 8.9 0.4 2.2 10.2
2016 A 3.71 94.2 7.9 0.7 2.8 8.7
All Levels (5 Seasons) 3.51 236.0 7.9 0.4 3.4 8.5
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Generated 11/21/2016.

The Brewers have been slowly bringing Diaz along as a starter.  Slowed by injuries, Diaz' fastball/slider combo is a solid foundation for a starter role, but also makes him a viable relief option.  Stop me if you have heard this one, but he has some control issues.

Dylan Covey, RHRP
Oakland Athletics
All Levels (4 Seasons)4.20369.
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Generated 11/21/2016.

Covey has a nice heavy fastball that runs into the mid 90s in short stints and a starter's arsenal.  However, he spent most of the year on the DL, played rather mediocre in the AFL, and has always been knocked for having quality bullpen pitches that do not miss bats.  Maybe someone still believes.


Pip said...

Another interesting article, Jon. The rule five is very interesting to me, and I always follow eagerly. A couple of questions.
1) Do you think these guys will be available when the Orioles choose? If all teams participate, the Orioles would only have the 21st pick, I think.
2) A Large number of guys in the various systems can throw really hard but have absolutely no control, which renders useless the powerful arm. Case in point are the guys you mentioned, plus Jason Garcia, who will probably never see another major-league field again.
Do we have any interest in going after guys with good control instead of velocity? We gave up on Logan Verrett, and although he's not outstanding, he did have meaningful innings for the Mets.
Any control guys might be available?

Jon Shepherd said...

Several of these guys will be available. JJ Cooper put together his top 12 list a few moments ago and his list actually did not overlap with mine at all this year. Last year our lists overlapped about 50%.

Control guys? There are so many of them. It is difficult to distinguish between them without getting our eyes on them. As such, these lists tend to showcase pitchers with a loud tool or something that just stuck in our heads when we run down the list of available players.

Matt P said...

1) Most teams don't participate in the Rule V draft.
2) If the Orioles decide to keep T.J and Worley, they'll have a pretty full rotation and bullpen. I'd think the Os would go after an outfielder or catcher.
3) It's Jason Garcia's birthday today.

Roger said...

I looked over the players left (ones listed as teams top 30 prospects) and there was not much interesting. Perdomo seemed to be the best of the bunch so I doubt he'll fall to the O's. I don't think there are even any Rickards out there. There may be a few good filed no hit catchers but they'd have to be awfully good framers to take a shot on.

Pip said...

Roger where did you find that list?

whjoe said...

Here you go.