29 September 2016

It's Been A Successful Season For Hyun Soo Kim

Hyun Soo Kim has had a very nice first season in the majors. There's never a bad time to sing his praises, but this morning just feels right considering his massive, game-shifting (and maybe even season-shifting) home run last night.
So let's look at some Kim tidbits from this season:
  • Kim's 121 wRC+ is the second best on the Orioles behind Manny Machado (131).
  • His .382 on-base percentage is far and away the best (Machado is second at .348).
  • Kim has the lowest strikeout percentage (14.5%) among O's regulars and the third-highest walk percentage (10%).
  • Among all hitters with at least 200 plate appearances, Kim has the 21st-best OBP. That's better than Dustin Pedroia, Bryce Harper, Corey Seager, Ryan Braun, Mookie Betts, Hunter Pence, Jose Bautista, etc. 
  • If Kim finishes the year with a OBP of .380 or above, it’ll be the 62nd time that’s been done by an O’s player in the Expansion Era (since 1961, min. 300 PA) 
  • Kim has a 131 wRC+ vs. right-handed pitching and a -19 wRC+ vs. left-handed pitching. Oddly enough, he’s walked the same amount of the time vs. lefties as he’s struck out but still doesn't have any hits (23 plate appearances).
  • Tethered to the bench early in the season, Kim only batted 17 times in March/April.
  • One early concern with Kim was that he wouldn't be able to get around on major league quality fastballs. Instead, he's had more trouble with breaking and offspeed pitches
  • He can hit the ball anywhere, but his power is on the inner half (and down). All six of his home runs are to right field or right-center. 
  • His solo shot on June 30th gave the O’s the MLB record for most home runs in that month (56).
  • Kim is the best on the Orioles at making contact on pitches thrown outside the zone. He's selective, and the only player on the team who has swung less this season is J.J. Hardy.
  • He dressed up like a Teletubby.
Surely, there's more. Feel free to chime in with any interesting Kim note or nugget.

From being booed by fans on opening day for not accepting a minor league assignment, to having to fight tooth and nail to earn more playing time, it's been a year full of redemption for Kim. He's handled all adversity about as well as you could imagine, and he's doing his best -- you know, when he's actually in the lineup -- to get the O's into the postseason.


tony2302 said...

if he can prove he can hit left handers he would make the best option for lead off hitter. he makes contact and gets on base. AJ and Manny need to be down in the order especially AJ. he swings at too many first pitches or at least seems that way. maybe Jones second Davis third Manny 4th and Trumbo fifth if they keep him. have to keep those stikeouts seperated imo.

Anonymous said...

How about a Rickard/Kim platoon?
Assuming Rickard can improve his defense?

Matt Kremnitzer said...

A Rickard/Kim platoon is fine, and it was what Showalter was using (mostly) before Rickard went on the disabled list.

Roger said...

Kim has done a great job.... When do we get the article on how wonderful Ubaldo is (or has been recently)....... LOL