29 June 2014

Camden Depot on MASN: June 2014 Roundup

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Before Spring Training, MASN came to us and asked if we wished to take part in a weekly series for their Orioles Buzz feature.  We could write about anything we wanted as long as it did not cross over into beat territory.  We are not beat writers, so that was peachy for us.  Below is a roundup of our April articles.  The writing is a bit different on MASN.  We are limited to about 750 words and have taken a broader approach with our writing, often applying lessons learned from pieces we have written here.

Nick Markakis is Everything
June 3, 2014
How you view Markakis is dependent upon the context you place him in.  Using statistics, you can convincingly say he has been awful as well as excellent.

When Stats Fail
June 10, 2014
Empirical evidence and its use has exploded onto the baseball scene over the past decade.  This bevy of information can result in people using it poorly.

Looking Back on This Year's Draft
June 17, 2014
If you have strong feelings about the draft, you are thinking about it in the wrong way.  If you think the draft is a crap shoot, you are also thinking about it in the wrong way.

Solving the Problem that is Manny Machado
June 24, 2014
This article does not solve the problem that is Manny Machado.  It does however mention his struggles as well as the struggles of other positions across the field and how they may be incredibly troubling.

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