25 June 2014

But How Fresh Are the Tomatoes?

With Manny Machado now having his own salsa... let us not forget that Cal Ripken Jr had himself a candy bar.

One needs to ask themselves whether or not the salsa will be as monumental as the Cal Bar?  Cal personally consulted the candy bar to develop something that had scrumptious milk chocolate, caramel, and fresh peanuts.
Mr. Ripken is particularly pleased with the peanuts in the bar ... "They're fresh peanuts," he said after a press conference yesterday at Camden Yards to mark the introduction of the bars into the retail market. "Sometimes peanuts in a candy bar don't stand out much." The fresh peanuts make the taste "a little bit different."
Think about it.  Ripken developed the prototype for the Nutrageous.  The only aspect missing was the peanut butter.  Obviously, the obstacle for Ripken was his great concern for the emerging increase in peanut allergies.  Otherwise, the NutRipken would have been born.  He was simply too great a man to develop that superior bar.  How could he have known?

So what about Machado's salsa?  How does it compare to Peyton Hillis' salsa or Miguel Cabrera's?  How fresh are those tomatoes?

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