30 May 2014

Camden Depot on MASN: May 2014 Roundup

Click here for the April 2014 roundup.

Before Spring Training, MASN came to us and asked if we wished to take part in a weekly series for their Orioles Buzz feature.  We could write about anything we wanted as long as it did not cross over into beat territory.  We are not beat writers, so that was peachy for us.  Below is a roundup of our April articles.  The writing is a bit different on MASN.  We are limited to about 750 words and have taken a broader approach with our writing, often applying lessons learned from pieces we have written here.

What to Make of the Morales Chatter
May 7, 2014
Is there a viable argument for the Orioles to sign Kendrys Morales?  How would the team be affected?

Say Goodbye to Matt Wieters' Ash
May 13, 2014
Although there is a movement to unreasonably cast doubt on the impacts of invasive species and climate change, that movement is unable to wish their existence away.  Unfortunately, that means that ash bats, a long stay of our American past time,will likely become commercially extinct.  Bat companies are searching out a comparable wood as a replacement.

The Value of a Buck
May 20, 2014
Buck missed a game to attend his daughter's graduation from law school.  Can we determine how much the Orioles were hurt with John Russell, his replacement, at the helm?

An Adequate Catcher is Hard to Find
May 27, 2014
Jon discusses Matt Wieters' PRP injection, the acquisition of Nick Hundley, and the difficulty of amateur catchers drastically improving upon their defensive skills.

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