01 May 2014

Camden Depot on MASN: April 2014 Roundup

Before Spring Training, MASN came to us and asked if we wished to take part in a weekly series for their Orioles Buzz feature.  We could write about anything we wanted as long as it did not cross over into beat territory.  We are not beat writers, so that was peachy for us.  Below is a roundup of our April articles.  The writing is a bit different on MASN.  We are limited to about 750 words and have taken a broader approach with our writing, often applying lessons learned from pieces we have written here.

In Praise of Diversity in Birdland
April 1, 2014
Jon introduces the concept that appreciation of the game is actually quite varied with all perspectives having merit.  Some views are better at answering specific questions than others.

A Primer on Pitch Framing
April 8, 2014
With all the talk being about Matt Wieters' pitch framing abilities, Jon briefly explains how pitch framing is measured and how well Wieters stacks up.

Will the True Home Run King Please Stand Up?
April 15, 2014
Jon decides to parse the perspective presented by Chris Davis that Hank Aaron, rather than Barry Bonds, is the legitimate home run king. However, PEDs lurk in Aaron's past as well.  In fact, PEDs go back to the inception of the professional game.

The Orioles Have an Average Defense
April 22, 2014
Conventional wisdom tends to drift toward fielding percentage and errors, but that is a very limited appreciation of fielding aptitude. Other aspects, like range, paint a more desperate picture for the Orioles.

Schoop's Progress Through the Eyes of BP's Nick Faleris
April 29, 2014
The numbers may not look exactly pretty, but Nick likes what he sees.  Also, why pitching from the bullpen is not the same as playing from the bench.

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