01 April 2014

Follow Us at MASN on Tuesdays

We have mentioned this before on Twitter (be so kind to follow us), but we thought it might be good to remind you all here.  On Tuesdays, we will be writing high level columns over at MASN.  Original research pieces will still be found here, but more editorial columns will be posted there.

Here is an excerpt from today's post:

With the excitement of a successful opening day fresh in our minds, a common feeling across Birdland is that anything is possible from this point forward. This contrasts with the dread that was felt for much of the cold winter in Baltimore. Pieces finally fell into place in the guises of Ubaldo Jimenez and Nelson Cruz and spring training brought more hope as the club escaped without any significant injury and 22-year-old Jonathan Schoop emerged as the second-best hitting second baseman in March. Opening day further solidified the surging emotional tidal wave as the club outbattled the Red Sox to claim first place in the American League East.

However, my writing as well as anything you find at Camden Depot, tries to slough off sentimentality and emotional pinning as we try to eliminate our natural bias. Our goal is to determine what data can and cannot say. Numbers really should not be feared and disregarded, but merely considered one of the useful tools at your disposal to assess a situation. With proper methodology and metadata, statistics can only inform.
It goes on from there about different ways in how one can appreciate baseball with a few projection notions and a dash of Japanese literature thrown in.

Next week, will probably be a rumination on Buck.  Maybe something else.  We will see.

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