04 November 2013

Announcing our Partnership with Orioles Hangout as our Affiliate Forum

Since 2007 when we tentatively opened the doors here at the Depot, we have been trying to do a couple things: 1) explore baseball by using the Orioles as a mechanism for that discussion and 2) expand and mainstream that discussion.  We started out with me on the statistical side and Nick Faleris (now with Baseball Prospectus) on the scouting end.  We have expanded to include a whole suite of writers with varying specialties in line with our original objectives.  Those goals also fueled our arrangement with ESPN to become the Orioles affiliate in their Sweetspot Network.  They have also been what has urged our writers when we stretch out of the confines of the Depot and write for ESPN, Baseball Prospectus, Sports on Earth, and other online publications.  

However, there is always room to grow in this expansive baseball universe and within the our Oriole galaxy.  Here at the Depot we have long lacked a suitable forum for readership to flock to in order to discuss topics not related to our daily post.  This has actually been a pretty frequent request, so, no, you are not alone.  For the past month, we have been discussing internally the best way to serve you in this expressed need.  Our conclusion was to not reinvent a wheel and instead develop a partnership with a well established site where a great number of Orioles fans already convene.

It is my pleasure to announce today that Camden Depot and Orioles Hangout have created a partnership to provide you with a more complete Orioles baseball experience.

What will change at Camden Depot?
Nothing, really, except that you will have the opportunity to enjoy a more comprehensive Orioles baseball experience.  We will still provide the same coverage we also have provided.  You are still able to comment on the posts we write. 

What changes is that we will have this graphic link always present in the left hand column.

Go ahead, click on the graphic.
That graphic will take you to the Orioles Hangout forum section where they are welcoming us as a partner.  We here at the Depot think this is an exciting opportunity to provide our readers with an additional way to experience the team you love and to do it in a more free form fashion than is available at the Depot.

Thank you again for all of your support over the years and in the future.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, epiphanies...feel free to contact us at CamdenDepot@gmail.com

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