05 December 2012

Orioles Winter Meetings Notes and Rumors: Day 2

Not a whole lot going on publicly on the Orioles front after day 2.

Some meetings took place with the agents for Joe Saunders and Nate McLouth. The team expects to have an OF signed by the end of the week. It should be noted that they also met with Nate Shierholtz's agents and that the word choice was signed, not acquired, as in trade.

Another wrinkle in the same discussion is that late last night the Orioles met with the reps for Nick Swisher, who has been thought to be seeking a fairly large contract. A curious move in that the O's are worried about keeping their payroll below $100m and have around $22m in incoming arbitration raises coming. This item shouldn't be taken too seriously just yet, since Swisher's agent is MVP Sports Group, who also represents Omar Quintanilla, who it has already been reported the team was looking into resigning. MVP also represents recently cut closer Brian Wilson formerly of SF. While the O's do have room for a player like Swisher, it may be nothing more than a coincidence during a period where media and fans are ready for a big move or signing to be made.

This morning has started simmering a little earlier than usual with continuations of talks that may have begun yesterday and reports on Twitter have the Twins contacting the O's to gauge interest on Justin Morneau who has spent the past 2 seasons coming back from a concussion and dealing with a nagging wrist injury. Morneau could be an interesting acquisition depending on the cost, as he should a couple months last season that he can still be that .850+ OPS player he was for 4 years prior to the injuries. With one year left on his deal at $14m if the Twins ate some money and the player return wasn't too rich, it could be just the kind of move Duquette likes to make. Reclamation projects with room for return seem to be Dan's specialty these days.

On the heels of the KC trade rumors, they seem to be looking at Shawn Marcum, a KC product, this morning, while the big news is that the Rangers are trying to close a deal with Grienke, which could set dominoes in motion for the rest of the free agent and trade market. 


Matt P said...

Orioles apparently came to a deal with McLouth. One year and two million. Didn't we have a discussion with some people who didn't want to sign him because they thought he'd cost 8 or so?

Philip Taggart said...

Nate wanted the Orioles and vice versa. Interesting that there's no option for a second year. There must have been very little interest around the league.

Several other interesting guys are gone, though. Keppinger, who never strikes out, Pagan, Scutaro and others are gone.
The orioles better bring home a few other guys.

Jon Shepherd said...

Never heard anyone say 8mm. My concern was if bidding reached 5mm and a starting promise. As is, it is not that big of a deal and he can be cut anytime without much concern if he does not produce.

Jeremy Strain said...

Yeah even I (who is a big Nate fan) said that if it got above $5m I'd have to think long and hard about it.

Glad it got done. Word is that Nate wanted the one year deal and a starting job so that he could re-establish value and go for a multi-year deal next offseason. I don't think he got a promise of a starting job here, but he's got a good shot at it here.

Unknown said...

I still think McLouth's 2012 was a last hurrah and that he's more likely to revert to his 2010-2011 form. 60-40 that he'll be released by June 15.