19 September 2012

Camden Depot on Dylan Bundy

For your reading pleasure while you watch Dylan Bundy sit in the pen tonight as the Orioles face the Seattle Mariners, all of the articles that we have posted on Camden Depot.  Enjoy!

Dylan Has a Secret by Steph Diorio 9/16/2012
As part of the Depot's Expanded Roster, Steph drew an anime style work focusing on Dylan Bundy.

Midseason Update: Top 25 Prospects by Nick Faleris 7/18/2012
A mid-season update on the 2012 Top 25 List.

Is Dylan Bundy Being Mishandled by Jon Shepherd 4/25/2012
I suggested here that by having Dylan spend time at Delmarva that opportunity was being wasted when he could be facing better competition.

2012 Top 25 Prospects: #1 Dylan Bundy by Nick Faleris 11/14/2011
This will one one of most informative scouting reports that you will be able to get your hands on.  Use wisely.

Should Dylan Bundy Get a Major League Deal by Nick Faleris 6/15/2011
A short pondering on Bundy getting a major league deal.

Recapping Day 1 of the Draft by Nick Faleris 6/7/2011
Nick briefly discussing the Bundy pick and how the Depot would have selected Anthony Rendon.

2011 Draft Depot Preview: Finding 1:4 (Dylan Bundy) by Nick Faleris 5/25/2011
Nick Faleris' first posted take on Dylan for the Depot.

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