12 February 2012

Cup of jO's - MiL Position Players Signings

Here is a quick rundown of the MiL position players the Orioles signed this off season.

Zach Booker (26) - Has played six games in three years.  He literally is a player-coach.
Allan De San Miguel (24) - An Aussie who has spent his entire career with the Twins.  Organizational.
Ronny Paulino (30) - First time in six years that he knows he is heading to AAA.
Dane Sardinha (32) - This is likely his ninth straight year in AAA.

First Basemen
Nick Johnson (33) - One of the best hitting prospects in the last 15 years, injuries derailed career. Overcoming wrist injury.
Jeff Larish (30) - Strong AAA bat that silences in the Majors.

Second Basemen
Travis Adair (24) - Show a good bat in high A, but struggled mightily in AA and cut by Texas.

Carlos Rojas (28) - Spent last four years in Orioles organization providing AA and AAA depth.
Steve Tolleson (28) - Solid utility bat who will likely appear in Baltimore at some point this year.

Third Basemen
Matt Antonelli (26) - A once promising prospect, Antonelli signed a MLB deal thanks to his MiL OBP.

Scott Beerer (29) - Pitcher turned hitter due to arm issues, shows some contact and power skills.
Antoan Richardson (28) - Plus speed and decent OBP skills.


SeanP said...

This might be more of a question for Nick, but how should we expect the wrist injury to affect Nick Johnson's hitting? I guess I'm thinking that wrist injuries supposedly sap a batter's power, but Johnson's main skills are contact and walks. Could his skill set help him overcome the disadvantages of the injury?

Also, if Johnson were to make the team, do you think he should be paired with Betemit in a platoon (Johnson has hit lefties well in his career), or would he be best suited for a bench bat/backup first baseman role?

Jon Shepherd said...

As far as I understand it, Johnson had surgery on his wrist in 2010 and his troubles last year were a product of his wrist not being back to normal. Someone told me that his wrist is chronically injured and cannot be fully repaired, but I have not heard this from anyone else...so I don't know what to make of it.

That said, if his wrist is not a 100%...pitchers will bust him inside and dare him to make contact. If he cannot, this might be his last year.

I think Spring Training will not be where Johnson needs to prove himself. He will likely go down to Norfolk and try to force a promotion.