19 February 2012

Cup of jO's - MiL Pitcher Signings

Yesterday we quickly went over MiL position player signings.  Today we review the pitchers.

Right Handed Pitchers
Winston Abreu (34) - excellent AAAA reliever
Brandon Erbe (24) - resigned with Orioles, hope to bring back value in the pen
Willie Eyre (33) - resigned with Orioles, provides organizational depth
Armando Galarraga (30) - nearly threw a perfect game, was never much of a pitcher
Robert Hinton (27) - career spent in the Milwaukee system, need to repeat AA several times
Jon Link (27) - another high strikeout AAA pitcher
Pat Neshek (31) - was an excellent pitcher in the Twins system before hurting his arm
Kyler Newby (26) - swing starter in Arizona system, another high strikeout arm
Raul Rivero (25) - resigned with Orioles, long time low minors pitcher
Miguel Socolovich (25) - live arm, signed from the ChiSox system
Oscar Villarreal (30) - has flashed usefulness in the Majors
Ross Wolf (29) - Returning back to the Oriole organization, experienced AAA arm

Left Handed Pitchers
Ryan Edell (28) - varying success as a swingman, control pitcher
Chris George (32) - resigned with Orioles, once a highly touted prospect, now AAA depth
Dennys Reyes (34) - MiL spring invite, frontline reliever from 2006-2010
Will Startup (27) - resigned with Orioles, left handed minor league depth

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