03 January 2012

Trading Adam Jones: AL East Edition

The post will focus on a baseline that was suggested by a scout.  So, yes, the opinion of a single professional is how we will value Jones' worth here.  What is that worth?  It was posited that Adam Jones would be worth a top 25 player, a top 50 player, and a top 100 player.  In other words, I would translate this as meaning a A-, B+ and B level player.  One final way of looking at it, a 60, a 56, and a 52.  That means that some in this business think very highly of Adam Jones.  We at the Depot have not thought as highly of Jones in the past, but what matters is who values him the most.

This fourth part will focus on packages from AL East teams.

Boston Red Sox
Xander Bogaerts, 3B
Sean Coyle, 2B
Anthony Renaudo, RHP

Jacoby Ellsbury.  Next.

New York Yankees
Dellin Betances, RHP
Mason Williams, CF
Manuel Banuelos, LHP

Curtis Granderson.  Next.

Tampa Bay Rays
Alex Torres, LHP
Chris Archer, RHP
Drew Vettleson, RF

I find it doubtful that the Rays would deal out one high priced center fielder (B.J. Upton) and plug in another high priced center fielder.

Toronto Blue Jays
Jake Marisnick, CF
Aaron Sanchez, RHP
Justin Nicolino, LHP

Marisnick is one of my favorite prospects.  During our 2009 shadow draft, I pestered Nick to select him probably more than deserved.  Everything he does is above average.  His contact, his power, his speed, his defense, and his arm.  No tool stands out as plus to me, but the package is an excellent prospect and one who could roam center for the Orioles in 2014.  The Blue Jays tinkered with Sanchez and worked on his control.  He has room for growth and works steady in the low 90s with a curve ball that flashes plus.  He is several years out, but looks like a 2 slot pitcher.  Nicolino is another prospect who is several years out, but he shows a fringe plus fastball and a fringe plus change up.  He projects to be a middle rotation pitcher.


None of these deals are good enough and three of the potential trade partners would likely have no interest in Jones.  Toronto has a large number of interesting pieces, but very few of them are show ready.  I could see a Travis Snider being added to the above deal to provide some 'now' value.  Going through the teams so far, I still think the Braves and maybe the Giants match up the best.


Anonymous said...

Toronto won't trade for Jones, they need to see what they actually have with Rasmus, and Gose is knocking on the door..with Marisnick waiting in the wings..not a position of need.

Bryan said...

Would be interesting to know what prospects would the O's have to give up to get Jones.

Anonymous said...

It would be similar to Machado, Schoop, and Bobby Bundy or Bridwell.


Bryan said...

Two questions
Who would be our starting CF if AJ is traded?
Who trading Jones for the most star power, signing Yoenis Cespedes, and signing a one year stop gap at CF be an good option? It would give us a young good up the middle options with scoop, machado, and cespedes, while bringing in another machado/scoop type of player.

Jon Shepherd said...

Endy Chavez would be your likely center fielder for a year.

Dealing Jones does leave an opening in center that the Orioles do not have an in house option to fill.

They have Angle and Avery, but neither profile, to me, as a starter.

Cespedes may be a CF, but it is difficult to get a good read on his defense without seeing him more closely. I would bet on him being more of a left fielder.

Anonymous said...

thats not a wise choice if they trade him to another team cus hes one heck of an outfielder and the orioles wouldnt be getting anybody good in return so they might want to not trade him at all unless they wanna get a couple of outfielders and some starting pitchers

Anonymous said...

can the orioles get younger arms to help out their bullpen and can they get an really good center fielder to replace adamn jones if they do decide to trade him?