29 August 2010

Orioles Draft vs Baseball America Draft Part I 2009

This might be slightly unfair in how I set this up, but basically . . . this is a comparison of who the Orioles drafted to who Baseball America thinks they should have drafted with the knowledge of the final asking price.  For the 2009 season, I could only go 5 rounds deep as I only had a top 100 prospect sheet.  For the 2010 season, I could go 10 rounds deep with the 200 deep prospect sheet.  First the O's:

1. Matt Hobgood 4.82 ERA in 84 IP, 6 k/9, 4 bb/9
2. Mychal Givens Rk/A 213/321/255 in 56 PA, injured
3. Tyler Townsend Rk/A/A+ 315/378/536 in 185 PA, injured
4. Randy Henry A-/A 5.87 ERA in 23 IP, 11.7 k/9, 2.3 bb/9, injured
5. Ashur Tolliver A- 5.60 ERA in 35.1 IP, 7 k/9, 4 bb/9, injured

I assumed that the 2MM spent on Coffey and Ohlman were available for use.

BA Draft
1. Alex White A+/AA 2.45 ERA in 150.2 IP, 7 k/9, 3 bb/9
2. Andy Oliver AA/AAA 3.50 ERA in 118.1 IP, 8 k/9, 3 bb/9; 22 MLB innings
3. Zach Von Rosenberg A- 3.20 ERA in 59 IP, 6 k/9, 2bb/9
4. Jason Stoffel A+ 4.63 ERA in 46.2 IP, 12 k/9, 4 bb/9
5. Ryan Jackson A/A+ 268/353/349 in 490 PA, SS

I think I am leaning pretty heavily on the BA sheet.  Then again, what Jordan did was bank on guys who were a little rough.  It might take another year or two to figure it out.  However, right now you have two pitchers in White and Oliver who can make noise on the 2011 roster.  Von Rosenberg and Stoffel look like decent options are reliever in a couple years.  Jackson might be a UTL guy a few years down the road.  I don't know what we have yet in the Orioles draft.


Daniel said...

That's a lot of "injured"s.

Crawdaddy said...

It has been rough. I think 14 of our top 16 picks have hit the DL at one point or another this season.