22 April 2010

Revisting my Shadow Team

A few weeks back I shared an expansion shadow team. The opening day roster was listed here.

How are things shaping up? Ok. WAR suggests they would be 6-8. The team has been buoyed by Felipe Lopez, Juan Uribe, and Ryan Church on offense. Rick Ankiel, switched to center after Crisp's injury, has provided nearly average worth there. The only other hitter of note is Bobby Crosby who has been swinging the bat well in a backup role. The pitching staff really only has Justin Ducherrer and Colby Lewis providing any positive worth.

As I thought before, this team is set to finish in the mid 60s. With the O's woes, they may be challenging them for the top pick in the draft. I still think the O's rebound somewhat. It has been a tough year so far.

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