06 May 2008

Have we passed the high water mark for 2008?

This week is less rosier than last week. PECOTA downgrades our playoff chances from 100:1 to 176:1. ELO, though more optimistic, agrees that this past week did not bode well for the plucky Orioles. They dropped them from 8:1 to 16:1. After going 2-4 since our last playoff odds update . . . the O's are sitting at 16-16. Next week I will update the ZiPS/Morong derived prediction. Oh . . . here is the chart:

NOTE: I am going to try to quickly write up a Garrett Olson piece tonight. Just skimming the data on Pitch f/x . . . looks like a much better pitcher. I also think his counts were in better shape. Anyway, I love it when I project some negative criticism toward an Oriole and get proven wrong.

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