19 July 2018

Something New

At the end of 2012, Jon invited me to write for Camden Depot. It was the first time anyone had invited me to post anywhere other than my own bare-bones sports blog, and I jumped at the chance. Considering my affinity for fringe outfielders, utility players, and mysterious relievers, it seems fitting that my first post on Camden Depot was about Nolan Reimold. Maybe this one, my last, should have been about Steve Pearce.

Over the years, contributing to Camden Depot allowed me the opportunity to do some things I never thought possible. I wrote about Kevin Gausman's major league debut on ESPN SweetSpot, and about Manny Machado the year after that. I helped with write-ups for ESPN.com's weekly MLB power rankings. I contributed to MASNsports.com. I've also appeared on a few podcasts and managed to not completely embarrass myself.

Most importantly, I was able to talk baseball with other talented writers on a daily basis and find my voice. Jon, in particular, pushed me to think about the game in different ways and challenged me to do better work. He was available to answer questions, even simple ones, and offer ideas and direction. There's no question that he's been a tremendous help, and I'm extremely thankful.

By now, you may be aware that Camden Depot will be shutting things down soon and that Jon is moving on from analytical baseball writing. While I'm not sure if the other Depot writers will be continuing on elsewhere, starting today, I'm happy to announce that I'll be contributing to The Athletic Baltimore and writing about the Orioles. The plan, for now, is for me to contribute weekly, and it may grow into something more. You can read my first article, on Mark Trumbo, here.

Writing for Camden Depot has been a rewarding experience, but it’s time for something new. I’m thrilled that Jon provided the larger stage for more people to read what I had to offer, and I’m appreciative to anyone who read my work over the years - especially those of you who enjoyed it. I hope you continue to do so.


Rob said...

Thank you!

Pip said...

The Athletic appears to require a paid subscription.
I have enjoyed reading you and I wish you all success. I’ve been reading this site since 2012. I remember finding “school of Roch” And asking about other oriole sites, and I was turned on to this one and I have checked here almost daily ever since.

Pip said...

By the way, Matt is your Twitter handle going to change? I think you were Camden depot, or maybe Jon was, but although I do not have a Twitter account, it would be nice to continue to follow your tweets.

Matt Kremnitzer said...

Yes, The Athletic does require a paid subscription, but it is not much. I don't object to anyone who doesn't want to pay to read sports coverage. Still, if you want to subscribe or find out more, here's the link: theathletic.com/baltimorelaunch

My Twitter handle is @mattkremnitzer, and that is not going to change.

Thanks for reading over the years. I appreciate it.

V. Blekaitis said...

Good luck with your new job. Some of my favorite writers at FanGraphs have moved on, so I'm not surprised it also happens with the writers at Camden Depot.
I enjoyed your writing Matt (and Jon's too). I hope you have success and fulfillment with your new endeavour.

Unknown said...

So sad to see this blog wind down, thanks for everything Matt. I will definitely continue to follow you.

Matt Kremnitzer said...

Thanks, Robert.