09 May 2018

Dylan Bundy Had A Bad Day

Dylan Bundy didn't have it yesterday. He really, really didn't have it. Not only did he fail to record an out against the Royals, but he is now the only pitcher to ever allow four home runs and fail to record an out. It would have been tough to almost completely wipe out Bundy's strong start to the season, but he's essentially done just that.

The four-homer thing is obviously horrible and embarrassing, but Bundy isn't alone in having a truly awful start in which he didn't record a single out:

Rk Player Date Tm Opp Rslt App,Dec IP ER HR Pit GSc
1Dylan Bundy2018-05-08BALKCRL 7-15GS-1, L0.0742810
2Gil Heredia1992-06-04SFGHOUL 6-12GS-1, L0.0702510
3Joe Grahe1991-06-18CALMILL 6-10GS-1, L0.0712810
4Matthew Boyd2015-07-02TORBOSL 6-12GS-1, L0.072289
5Jeremy Hefner2012-09-20NYMPHIL 1-16GS-1, L0.070309
6Armando Reynoso2000-04-23ARISFGL 7-12GS-1, L0.071269
7Jim Clancy1989-08-03HOUCINL 2-18GS-1, L0.071269
8Paul Wilson2005-05-06CINLADL 6-13GS-1, L0.082257
9Blake Stein1998-08-31OAKCLEL 6-15GS-1, L0.080257
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Generated 5/9/2018.

That table, from the indispensable Baseball-Reference Play Index, shows a list of pitchers in MLB's Expansion Era who started a game, didn't record an out, threw fewer than 30 pitches, and had a Game Score of 10 or below. It won't make Bundy feel better, but there are others who had starts they'd desperately like to take back.

This outing was the worst of the season for Bundy (and his career), and it's the third in a row in which he's been terrible. In his last three starts (9 innings pitched combined), he's allowed 22 runs (19 earned) and nine home runs. That's after allowing only 8 runs (5 earned) in his first five starts in 2018.

Bundy is having some serious issues right now. The obvious question is if he's hurt, but both Bundy and Buck Showalter say he's fine. That doesn't mean he is, but it's possible that he's simply going through an extremely rough patch. That has to be the hope, because it doesn't get much worse than what Bundy did yesterday.


Unknown said...

Buck needs to stop making excuses for his players.Any other organization would be firing people by now.

Matt Kremnitzer said...

He's making excuses for his players?

Jon Shepherd said...

Is there a manager who has thrown more players under the bus than Buck?
That is kind of his M.O.