17 March 2018

Easy Listening: Shepherd on Locked On Orioles Podcast

This past week, I (Jon Shepherd) appeared on Locked on Orioles, which is a new podcast that began this year.  We touched on the decrease in the Orioles payroll this year, Anthony Santander, and how innovative the club has been over the years.

1:50 Interview Begins
3:00 Rumination on Payroll
6:10 A Little Bit on MASN and the original deal the Orioles signed with the Senators in 1954
7:30 Why did the team not trade their assets if not going all in?
10:24 Rebuilding, what to expect in 2019?
12:45 Tanking requires discipline and organization
15:16 Orioles have actually been progressive
18:29 More on Santander
20:43 Orioles surplus of left fielders and designated hitters

Give it a listen.

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