12 August 2016

Afternoon Cup of jO's: 2016 Orioles GM Election

Let's assume that the Dan Duquette is leaving the Orioles and that the choices to some extent mirror the current election for President of the United States of America.  This silly little exercise will propose potential GM candidates that resemble the current presidential candidates as well as my reasoning as to why they resemble the candidate.

First, which candidate is most like Hillary Clinton? (Trump's comps follow Clinton's)

Clinton is a long-term establishment political figure who is loved by a few, disliked by many, and found acceptable by others.  She certainly produced successes over her career, but none have been as a top executive.  Additionally, as a major player she has been associated as part of the process to policy or events that did not turn out well.

Please go to the polls and submit your vote.  This is not about who you want, but who you think most resembles the candidate.

Here is the Clinton poll on Twitter (ends on Monday).

Eddie Murray
Murray was a very promising prospect who had a career so solidly above average that some consider it great.  His poor relationship with the media and how he talked fueled a dislike of him.  He put in several years of hard work trying to earn an MLB head coaching job that never came to fruition.

Rick Dempsey
Dempsey has been around a number of great successes, directly led to a few successes, and has long sought after a baseball position with considerable decision-making potential.  He is loved by a few, appreciated by many, and completely disregarded by others.

Cal Ripken, Jr.
His selection almost seems obvious and his proponents are completely confused by those who dread seeing him in charge.  He had considerable success as a player and has successfully headed a foundation that bears his last name.  Some think his highly esteemed status is more a product of appearing in many consecutive games rather than his actual performance.  Some think his future success is a by product of the entitlement his surname possesses.

Jim Palmer
A big name player who has been rewarded with many accolades.  However, his actual performance does not seem to completely line up with one of the greats and to some extent seems a bit reliant on the abilities of others in the field.  He has stepped away from the limelight from time to time, but always feels himself being pulled back in.  He seems fairly competent, but occasionally says something peculiar.

Second, which one of the follow is most Trump-like?

Here is the Trump poll on Twitter (ends on Monday)

Peter Schmuck
Schmuck is a household name from his time at the Baltimore Sun.  He has a strong fan base that adores his voice of the common fan approach and his criticism of the current regime.  While he has not directly been involved in the game, he has succeeded immensely on the outskirts of it.  Some fans think his thoughts are naïve and merely intended to appease the crowd.

Roch Kubatko
Arguably the most dominant public, non-player in the Orioles fan sphere.  Well seasoned in observing and interacting with the game.  Fairly confidant in knowing what is going on and able to continually and capably shoot from the hip.  Somewhat notorious for thin skin and seeking out the haters to battle with them.

Buster Olney
Local guy who became one of the major voices in baseball media. Has had an off and on relationship with the Orioles in his writing.  His soundbites succinctly address issues and he seems somewhat progressive in his perspective.  Like the others, he has never been a part of the system.

Roy Firestone
One of the early major forces in cable sports and a life long Orioles fan who completely and utterly wants the Orioles to be Great Again.  His heart runs hot and orange, which you can regularly see with his frequent posts over at Orioles Hangout.  However, he has never run a club and his views are considered somewhat traditional.


Boss61 said...

I find this flawed. I like all of the GM candidates listed under Trump. I do not care for the politician at all though; i think he is dangerously unqualified.

The most Trump-like candidate on the entire list is Dempsey. Magnetic personality, possessor of strong opinions, thin in objective qualifications.

Roger said...

This is funny and I like it. I do think your descriptions are intended to elicit specific responses (although they may not have intended to be). Ripken is solidly the most like Clinton. The main difference being he has not done anything truly shady to my knowledge. By being thought of as competent and having done "good deeds" for the local community and there being an air of entitlement around him regardless of his competence makes it all line up. Murray seems like the "negative" Clinton while Ripken seems like the "positive" Clinton. Both Palmer and Dempsey have too much personality to be her.

I also think you're lining up Schmuck to be the Trump but Kubatko might work better because of his visible profile and affable nature. I think I'll go with Kubatko because I see him as higher profile and seeking out the public limelight more. Schmuck is a close second. The other two are both too nice and congenial. You know, Palmer might actually be the most Trump-like for his desire to be adored and his air of saying weird stuff and assuming he's always right and being just successful enough to get a statue (call it Palmer Tower).

Jon Shepherd said...

personally my thoughts were Murray vs Schmuck.