29 March 2013

Some Changes to Camden Depot

Almost two years ago as I watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Seal Team 6 was entering Pakistan (unbeknownst to me), I signed an agreement with ESPN for Camden Depot to be part of the Sweetspot Network.  It has been a great experience and one I appreciate in continuing, but in a slightly different manner.  So let's get down to the announcements.

1. I am stepping down as the day-to-day editor of Camden Depot.  In my place, Matt Kremnitzer will be taking over those duties.  I will remain as the silent editor, but my actions will be more in terms of vision.

2. My non-Orioles work will be posted here or on other sites like ESPN.

3. The Camden Depot twitter handle will remain to deliver general news about the site and tweets on Orioles coverage.  I will be taking up @BSLJonShepherd.  I hope you all follow me.  The Camden Depot twitter handle will also continue to retweet articles written by past writers like Nick Faleris and mine.

4. As of April 1st, my writing focused on the Orioles will now be carried by Baltimore Sports and Life, which is going through an expansion phase.

I hope this has been clear.  Feel free to ask any questions about the changes in the comment section.


Anonymous said...

Will this remain page used by ESPN's sweetspot?

Jon Shepherd said...

Yes, this site remains as the Orioles affiliate of the Sweetspot Network.