05 June 2012

2012 MLB Draft -- Gausman stats; Day 2 Targets

The Orioles, with the fourth overall selection in this year's first-year player draft (Rule 4), drafted LSU righty Kevin Gausman (pictured right, copyright DiamondScape Baseball LLC).  Gausman was the top rated player in the draft class on our pref list and our "shadow selection" as well, for the O's.  We'll have an in depth report on Gausman later this week, but for this morning let's take a look at some stats that I'm fairly certain you have not yet read. And if you were wondering, yes, that was me on MLB Network clearly visible in the Kevin Gausman video they were running from the LSU/Arkansas game.

All stats from the regular season:
  • Against players that figure to go out in the first ten rounds of the draft, Gausman had a 25% SO-rate, 4% BB-rate and a 19/3 SO/BB-rate.
  • Gausman threw more than 120 pitches in a game just four times this year and never in back-to-back weeks.
  • Gausman logged just 11.1 innings pitched once passing the 100-pitch mark in his starts.
  • 61% of the batters faced by Gausman either struck out or hit the ball on the ground.
  • 57% of the batters faced on RPI Top 25 teams faced by Gausman either struck out or hit the ball on the ground.
  • 68% of the batters faced for the third time or more during the same game (3+ times through order) by Gausman either struck out or hit the ball on the ground.
  • Batters in the 1 through 5 slot hit .218 against Gausman.
  • Gausman allowed two homeruns over 100.2 innings pitched, neither with runners on base.
  • Gausman averaged less than four pitches per batter faced (3.7).
  • Gausman had a 26/1 SO/BB-rate facing batters between pitches 76 and 100, and a 1.88 GB/FB-rate during those same at bats.

Gausman video:
From my trip down to Baton Rouge this spring...

Some targets for Day 2:
Here are some players to look at from rounds 2 through 15, which will be covered on Day 2 of the Draft. We'll have a full wrap of Baltimore's selections, and our Shadow Draft picks, tomorrow morning. Happy Draft Day 2!

2nd to 5th rounds
Hunter Virant, lhp, Camarillo HS (Fla.)
Nolan Sanburn, rhp, Arkansas
Mitch Brown, rhp, Century HS (Minn.)
Tanner Rahier, ss, Palm Desert HS
Wyatt Mathison, c, Calallen HS (Texas)
Branden Kline, rhp, Virginia
Ty Buttrey, rhp, Providence HS
Carson Kelly, 3b/rhp, Westview HS
Duane Underwood, rhp, Pope HS (Ga.)
Kenny Diekroeger, 2b/ss, Stanford
Chase DeJong, rhp, Wilson HS (Calif.)
Austin Nola, SS, LSU
Nathan Mikolas, of, Bradford HS (Wisc.)
Christian Walker, 1b, South Carolina
Steven "Paco" Rodriguez, lhp, Florida
Austin Maddox, rhp, Florida

Mikey White, of/2b, Spain Park HS (Ala.)
Barrett Astin, rhp, Arkansas
Edwin Diaz, rhp, Naguabo HS (P.R.)
Lex Rutledge, lhp, Samford Univ.

6th to 15th rounds
Ross Stripling, rhp, Texas A&M
Kevin Ross, Niles West HS (Ill.)
Jeremy Rathjen, of, Rice
Dylan Floro, rhp, Fullerton
Hudson Randall, rhp, Florida
Bralin Jackson, of, Raytown South HS (Mo.)
Josh Conway, rhp, Coastal Carolina
Christian Jones, lhp, Oregon
Hoby Milner, rhp, Texas
Kevin Brady, rhp, Clemson
Xavier Turner, of, Sandusky HS (Ohio)
Blake Brown, of, Missouri
Eric Semmelhack, rhp, UW-Milwaukee
Ryan Ripken, 1b, Gilman Academy (Baltimore, Md.)


J(O's)elskil said...

Is this list sorted by preference or any other method?

At what point does/should a team shift from BPA to org. needs?

Nick J Faleris said...

Random ordering for this list, as signabiliy, upside and probability all come into play, and preference changes depending on the profile of remaining players available and players already selected by Orioles.

Generally, you should be looking for best player available. Under the new CBA, you may switch to needs or targeted value once you think you have exhausted your allotted bonus amount.